ITDOTCOM: Trademark registration approved; it’s not by Intis Telecom

Intis Telecom launched as a Registry of third level domain names. Since then, the company has been promoting its domains as suitable for information technology and Italian interests.

While there are no public metrics about the number of registered domains, there are reported sales in the thousands of dollars a piece, particularly via Sedo.

A year ago, we identified a fresh application at the time, for the mark ITDOTCOM at the USPTO. The applicant was not Intis Telecom and at the time we were told the company reached out to them.

It’s been a year and the mark has been registered, as no opposition was filed.

The applicant, a Chicago-Illinois company called Cashflow, has successfully registered the mark ITDOTCOM as an “intent to use” mark. As of June 2024, the company has six months to provide proof of use in interstate commerce.

It’s not clear why Intis Telecom would not oppose such a mark that might conflict with their range of products.

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