ITDOTCOM: Trademark application wasn’t filed by Intis Telecom /

A Chicago company has filed an application to register the mark ITDOTCOM for a wide range of services.

The application at the USPTO was filed by Cashflow LLC with an “intent to use” clause, which means that the mark hasn’t been used in interstate commerce yet. Here’s a small sample of the services the mark was applied for, which reference domain names:

Computer services, namely, domain forwarding services; Computer services, namely, electronic detection of plagiarized content; Domain name search services, namely, conducting online computerized searches for the availability of domain names; Domain registry operator services; Parking domain names for others, namely, providing computer servers for electronic storage of domain name addresses;


The application was filed in early June. As far as we can tell by the examination of the document, the company does not appear to be related to Intis Telecom, operators of and a Registry of domain names. We’ve reached out to Intis Telecom for clarification.

In our opinion, the trademark application could potentially lead consumers to confuse the mark ITDOTCOM with the domain name “” as they both spell exactly the same.


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