Intis Telecom is selling its premium domains at Sedo

Intis Telecom has been disrupting the domain model by providing registrations under the premium two letter domain name,

Note: Intis Telecom is a premium sponsor.

A popular acronym for information technology, IT can also be used literally, as the “it” article, forming some interesting domain hacks. Lastly, it can be the country acronym for Italy, which is another promotional angle for domains by Intis Telecom.

Anyone can register domain names from a large number of participating registrars and now Intis Telecom has released a large selection of premium dictionary keywords and short domains using the Sedo marketplace.

Many ultra-premium domains can be acquired for the fixed price of $2,880 dollars, such as,,, and others. There are more expensive domains, such as, priced at $4,990 dollars.

There is also a large collection of,, and domain names priced at $590 dollars, such as,,, and

Typing in any of these domain names takes you to a custom Sedo landing page to acquire that domain name. You can also view the entire inventory of premium domain names available via Sedo.

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