Pivotal Ventures: Did the Melinda Gates foundation pay $100,000 for the .com?

Pivotal Ventures was founded by Melinda French Gates in 2015, to accelerate the pace of social progress in the United States.

The corporation is branded as Pivotal and operates from the domain name PivotalVentures.org, registered in 2015. Meanwhile, PivotalVentures.com is a domain that was registered in 2001.

A domain investor acquired the domain at a GoDaddy expired auction in 2021, for the sum of $725 dollars. Source: NameBio.

According to a series of posts on Twitter, the domain investor scored a sale via the Afternic BIN lander for $99,995 dollars. Although $11,500 of that amount goes to Afternic, that’s still an ungodly amount of money going to the investor’s pockets, multiplying his investment by a factor of 120x.

It was a lucky strike akin to winning the lotto at one’s first attempt; the domain investor claims very little experience in the field.

Congratulations, all the same!

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