French company folded losing generic domain name!

French company Tradi-Qual was founded around 2002 trading a variety of products, including cookware and other related supplies. At its peak in 2014, it had a turnover of over 3.1 million euro. Operating from the domain name, the company folded and was dissolved in 2022, letting its domain name drop. Unfortunately, along with it, […]

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Hotel Peace Palace: Nepalese owner pleads for his domain name

The operator of the Hotel Peace Palace is distraught, having allowed their domain name to lapse. Based in Nepal, the hotelier operated the domain name, the matching .com, since 2012. In January, the domain was not renewed and as an expired domain it dropped a few weeks later. Someone used a drop-catching service, most […]

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GoDaddy auction bidders: Prepare(.com) to waste your time

Expired domain auctions at GoDaddy come with a fair warning for the winner: You might end up not getting the domain. Even after the auction finishes, as long as the registrant renews within the time frame that ICANN mandates, money and time is lost for the auction’s winner. Although the amount paid is refunded, that […]

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Man buys back domain from!

A glowing review about describes a fun moment in domain investing: A man buying back the domain name he used to own. According to the review, some years ago, Mr. Tom Mooney owned a domain that somehow expired. Mr. Mooney wanted to re-open his business, using the same domain name, and when he […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Failed fintech’s domain finds home at Media Options RIP, long live the new! German fintech startup Monedo closed down shop in 2020 and two years later its domain name expired and dropped. Following a three day auction at DropCatch, the domain found a new owner that paid the $1,550 dollars already. The domain is now parked at Bodis. Media Options, […]

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Too much #rum? Puerto Rican pride and joy #domain was auctioned off

Puerto Rico is the rum capital of the world and not just because it’s home to several big rum factories and brands. Boricuas appreciate the presence of Bacardi and other distilleries on the three main islands of Puerto Rico, but the reason that PR is the rum capital of the world is due to the […]

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Pivotal Ventures: Did the Melinda Gates foundation pay $100,000 for the .com?

Pivotal Ventures was founded by Melinda French Gates in 2015, to accelerate the pace of social progress in the United States. The corporation is branded as Pivotal and operates from the domain name, registered in 2015. Meanwhile, is a domain that was registered in 2001. A domain investor acquired the domain at a […]

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No, does *not* steal your domain names!

“ stole my domain in under 24 hours.” This inaccurate claim is part of a recent review of, a platform designed for domain owners to sell their assets on. The reviewer asserts that is part of a group of “cybersquatters” that steal domain names – a completely false claim. Note: Dan is a […]

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GoDaddy: Working to recover domains for Riz’s family

Domain investor Rizwan “Riz” passed last week and the domain community shared our collective sadness for his untimely loss. The domain investor is remembered for his kindness to others and willingness to share his knowledge achieved through personal success. Domain registrar GoDaddy, where Rizwan kept his domains at, is working diligently to recover domain name […]

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GoDaddy wars: Is the HugeDomains bot unbeatable?

HugeDomains has a strong presence on the GoDaddy auctions and it’s overwhelming domain investors. Not unlike the infamous Taryn bot that dominated NameJet auctions on behalf of Frank Schilling, the HugeDomains bot captures many domains for its master. But it seems that the HugeDomains bot is far more competitive; while Taryn would pull out when […]

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Epik: Pakistani orphans to get 1/2 of warehoused #domain’s auction proceeds

An epic thread over at NamePros about an expired domain at Epik has all the ingredients of a soap opera: backorders kicking in at 15 days past expiry, accusations of clickbait and thuggery, and a domain auctioned off with half of the proceeds to go towards orphans in Pakistan. This incredible exchange is now 4 […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Former anti-piracy portal sold to comedians by #HugeDomains

In 2004, the Motion Picture Association, the Federation Against Copyright Theft, and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore put together the anti-piracy video “Piracy it’s a crime.” The video was then promoted on DVDs and in movie theaters, making it the most iconic anti-piracy PSA ever made. The once-official web site campaign site shut […]

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