CNN domain investment coverage from 2000 talks about cybersquatters!

The year is 2000 and CNN covers domain buying and selling opting for a sensational term: Cybersquatters. The article discusses the rise of cybersquatting, where individuals register domain names containing famous names or brands with the intention of profiting from them. Meanwhile, domain investor Charles Sweeney from Scotland is highlighted as an example of an […]

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Expansión, a Spanish-language news magazine catering to the business markets in Mexico and Latin America, made its debut in 1969. What sets Expansión apart from most other business media outlets in Mexico is its unique focus on the individuals and innovative ideas that power the private sector within Mexico. Taking a step forward in 2007, […]

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CNN on Epik: “An online refuge for extremists”

CNN has published a lengthy investigative report on Epik, titled “An online refuge for extremists.” It includes an interview with Rob Monster, founder and CEO of the multi-discipline internet tech company, familiar to most domain investors as a domain registrar and escrow services provider. In the months since a much-publicized security breach of Epik, things […]

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Finally #CNN gets to use for its CNN+ project!

It took more than 20 years for CNN to use the domain name, but it’s rolling out its CNN+ brand, finally. Registered in 1997, the domain lists Turner corporation as the registrant in 2001, per the DomainTools earliest WHOIS records. It’s quite possible CNN / Turner corporation is the original registrant of the […]

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CNN grabbed a Donald Trump list of domains via DomainTools

CNN apparently ordered a list of domains owned by the Donald Trump organization, via DomainTools. Ordering a “reverse WHOIS” list of domains can be rather costly, and CNN printed out a list of more than 3,600 domains, highlighting the “weirdest” that they could find. Such Donald Trump domains owned by the Donald Trump organization include […]

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CNN Air : Drone services to launch with no matching .COM domain

CNN announced the launch of CNN Aerial Imagery and Reporting (CNN AIR), a new drone operated news-reporting service. According to the CNN Air announcement, “For the first time in the company’s history, CNN will have a designated Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) unit with two full-time UAS operators to fully integrate aerial imagery and reporting across […]

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CNN: iPhone 4 more important than D-Day

Let’s cut to the chase: CNN sucks – they are a bunch of unpatriotic pencil pushers. There, we said it. All day yesterday and even so today, CNN failed to allocate even a single major section of their news web site to the battle of Normandy in WWII – also known as D-Day. The single […]

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