CNN on Epik: “An online refuge for extremists”

CNN has published a lengthy investigative report on Epik, titled “An online refuge for extremists.

It includes an interview with Rob Monster, founder and CEO of the multi-discipline internet tech company, familiar to most domain investors as a domain registrar and escrow services provider.

In the months since a much-publicized security breach of Epik, things turned quiet. The CNN investigative report on Epik seems to be timed as a media-driven press release.

CNN reporting on

The article does not hold back on the characterizations of the type of clients Epik has taken under its wings over the years. For example:

And while Nazi, anti-Semitic, racist and anti-LGBT material can be readily found on sites his company keeps online, Monster’s own social media presence has a banal and even benign tone, calling on followers to be kind, for instance, or touting an upcoming Epik-created initiative for orphans.

In the interview, Rob Monster refers to himself as a non-villain, explaining why he offers shelter to extremists:

“We actually will talk to people that others might discard, but part of the reason why we talk to them is because we believe there’s an opportunity to appeal to their higher selves.” 

In all, the CNN article is softer than most articles covering in scathing tones past activities by Epik or its CEO. But it’s still, an investigative report on Epik worth reading.

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One Response to “CNN on Epik: “An online refuge for extremists””
  1. BullS says:

    FYI- someone from CNN called me to talk about Epik

    The year is coming to an end but there are a couple of mysteries in the domaining world

    -where is the person that runs Voodoo?

    -where is morgan linton? his blog is not in the domaining aggregate

    – did anybody from epik go to jail? my info at epik got pawned

    -nobody is yakking about apes or some useless digital arts…worthless

    -where are those bloggers that are gone??

    The dramas in the domaining world is becoming lackluster except for is numbero UNO!!

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