Swiss Bank of Domains doesn’t pay its Masterbucks debt in dollars

Epik, the self-proclaimed “Swiss bank of Domains,” doesn’t seem to be able to pay investors holding onto its Masterbucks tokens. One could say that the “bank” is facing an existential crisis, much like that of the real banking system. Months after the new CEO promised to make whole an escrowed transaction involving the domain, […]

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Has DNForum been sold?

Veterans of the domain community are familiar with the great days of DNForum, the oldest domain name forum. After being sold several times for increasingly higher amounts of money, or DNF as it was once known, ended up in the lap of Epik. The domain registrar and multi-discipline tech company founded by Rob Monster, […]

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Escrew Services at Epik!

Nothing beats the Epik Escrew Services, according to satisfied customers sharing their experience on the platform. What in the world is an “Escrew Service” you may wonder. We could guess that the Epik Escrew Service is aimed at taking a simple exchange of domains for dollars and complicating it with the addition of a Masterbucks […]

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Kathleen Kalaf, sold the domain expecting to receive $91,000 dollars out of a $100k sale conducted using Epik. Soon, she found out that the balance had been turned into useless “masterbucks” that could not be converted into real currency. By locking the balance in her account, Epik essentially kept the full $100,000 dollars it […]

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Epik pulls the plug on

DNProtect, one of Epik‘s brands, has been terminated. Operating from the domain, the company offered services related to cybersecurity. It also used a DNProtect algorithm to gauge a domain’s potential vulnerability to cyberthreats. That score wasn’t private, however; the DNProtect scores of domains looked up via the service were open to the public and […]

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Epik: Domainers are not our core customer

If you’re a domain investor, take notice: Epik does not consider you a “core customer.” Facing challenges and a blown up Masterbucks economy, Epik CEO Brian Royce made this statement on Twitter, in response to a comment that demonstrated the fall of Epik as a domainer-centric registrar: “Domainers are not our core customer. They represent […]

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Epik selling assets to pay off debt; is DNForum about to be sold? was sold for $100,000 dollars utilizing the Epik escrow process in September, but Kathleen Kalaf, the domain’s former owner, has not received $91,000 dollars as part of the deal. The money was kept by Epik and although the company has acknowledged the debt it has yet to complete the transaction. Epik, effectively, has kept […]

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The domain was sold for $100,000 dollars in September 2022, using Epik as an escrow services mediator. According to Kathleen Kalaf, the domain’s seller, Epik acknowledged the receipt of the funds and was therefore entitled to keeping 9% of it per the agreement. The remaining $91,000 dollars was never sent to Ms. Kalaf, however, […]

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Domain spammer claims ICANN gives out investor licenses

An ongoing spam campaign is using the domain name, alongside the alias “Hannah Benson.” The spammer targets domain registrants with “similar domains” to the ones being peddled. So far, nothing new about using a faux female name to sell domains, but what sets this spam aside is the included claim that they are an […]

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Masterbucks vs. PayPal: Payment options updated at Epik

Nicole Lee, country manager of Epik in China, shared news of an update at Epik regarding payment options. According to Ms. Lee, PayPal was restored as a payment option at, 18 months after PayPal disabled such an option for Epik customers. We can speculate on what led to that decision’s reversal. Epik customers can […]

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#Epik acquired #Norwegian web host company, #Terrahost

Epik acquired Terrahost, a Norwegian web hosting provider. That acquisition took place in April 2021 and by December Epik had been contacting its clients, but for some reason they decided to roll out the news as a press release now. “We are excited to be able to bring Terrahost to the world,”” says Epik CEO, […]

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Epik: Pakistani orphans to get 1/2 of warehoused #domain’s auction proceeds

An epic thread over at NamePros about an expired domain at Epik has all the ingredients of a soap opera: backorders kicking in at 15 days past expiry, accusations of clickbait and thuggery, and a domain auctioned off with half of the proceeds to go towards orphans in Pakistan. This incredible exchange is now 4 […]

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