ICANN: We got your back, Epik customers!

ICANN wants you to know that they got your back, if you’re having issues with Epik.

Whether it’s Epik, Epik 2.0, or Epik 3.0, the domain registrar is still ICANN-accredited. With great power comes great responsibility, however. As a domain registrar, Epik.com must take the funds its customers provide and renew their domains fully and timely. They can’t just take the money and invest it in Swiss vaults for crypto-Masterbucks, for example.

In recent months, there have been many complaints about failed renewals and some domains even dropped while at Epik. ICANN wants you to report such claims so that they tug the Epik CEO’s testicles a bit firmer!

Epik: New logo, old CEO

Jamie Hedlund, SVP, Contractual Compliance & U.S. Government Engagement at ICANN, says:

“In March 2023, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers organization (ICANN org) began receiving complaints alleging that the registrar Epik Inc. (Epik) is not processing domain name renewals in a timely manner despite having collected payment. The complaints also alleged that Epik’s customer support is not providing timely or substantive responses to customers inquiries. All complaints received by ICANN org have been, or are in the process of, being addressed. These include the complaints referenced in the formal breach notice ICANN org issued to this registrar on 1 June 2023.”

If you need to submit a complaint to ICANN about Epik, click here.

In recent days, Epik had its homepage and logo redesigned, all while some magical management shuffling marks the return of Rob Monster as the de facto CEO.


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4 Responses to “ICANN: We got your back, Epik customers!”
  1. page howe says:

    thank you ICANN for the non-speedy replay 90 days later when names were lost in expired auctions.

    if a registry suspends a registrar, the names should go on a lock that allows the registrant to renew directly, stops the name from going to expired auction and suspends the redemption fee.

    the registry is showing they care about their money, and not the names or customers.


  2. DomainGang says:

    Page – No doubt, there’s a lot of customers that have a bone to pick with Epik(1,2, or 3) and ICANN needs to show that rules must be enforced.

  3. Snail Mucin says:

    Epik is done.

    Who is going to use them after this?

    200,000+ domains transferred out.

  4. As an Epik doman holder of 2800 active domains, just recently, thru no fault of my own, I repeatedly over many weeks remained unable to successfully reset my PW or in the event I was able to reset my PW, next i was met with being told my email address was already in use further denied me from gaining access my domains, or alternately i received ‘ forbidden action 1000!” being displayed on page continued to deny me from both from my logging in as well as obtaining acess to all of my soon to expire, already expired, in redemption, deleted domains. Hence many of my soon to expire, or already expired domains in redemption, or those that got dropped and went permanently to deletion. How do i regain my rightful ownership ?

    Once I finally did succeed at resetting pw for logging in, I was not permitted to transfer away any one or all of my current active domains at epik since there was option for me to do so. How do I now bulk transfer away to safeguard against future account lock out and non renewals going to deletion?
    I lost access to my cpanel for 60 websites hosted by epik, what shall I do?

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