Epik post claims company was sold, lawsuits were settled

A lengthy post from “Epik LLC” at NamePros yesterday claims that the company was successfully sold, all while 3 pending lawsuits were released as the plaintiffs were paid.

It is not clear who is the person writing the post that begins with several points:

  • JJE, TVT, and Adkisson were all paid today and released lawsuits. The sale of Epik Holdings Inc to Epik LLC was able to close.
  • ICANN was paid in full today.
  • Identity Digital was paid in full today.
  • Verisign was paid in full today, but it is not showing as cleared on their end yet. Should be by mid day Monday. Should have no problems with .com’s getting registered and renewed Monday by mid day. All other endings are not in default and are able to be registered and renewed, but will be paid in full by end of day Monday regardless. These include Godaddy, Central Nic, Pir Org, and too many other vendors to list.
  • All aftermarket options were removed from epik.com today. As all of you have documented and somehow had the time to write up 299 pages about this rehashing the same thing 80 different ways, we need to focus on domains getting registered, renewed, and maintained. Support requests answered. And building the trust back of the core functions of a registrar: maintaining your trusted assets.

The post continues referencing an upcoming round of re-hiring previous Epik employees:

“Our goals for Monday are to re-interview any old Epik Holdings Inc employees that would like to be rehired and that want to help us take care of the clients. Work our way through a long list of vendors and clients and start picking away at making things right. And we will not be accepting crypto as there was obviously massive operational and accounting problems in the current tech stack to properly account for it.”

It continues touting Rob Monster’s and Brian Royce‘s efforts to restructure the company:

“Rob Monster might have made a bunch of bad mistakes, but he worked tirelessly for the last 9 months behind the scenes to make this deal happen and Brian Royce worked nonstop around the clock trying to save Epik and both tried as hard as possible to help as many clients as possible.”

The post ends with a positive forward-looking statement:

“There’s still a very loyal following. And if the money had been there to keep domains renewing, Epik would have had a lot less get transferred out. And as a percentage done way better than Godaddy. We feel pretty confident we’ll be back over 800,000 domains under management by the end of the year.”

There is no verification of the post’s validity at this time, so hopefully it is a real string of events involving paying off debt towards Epik customers, putting closure to an almost year-long saga.

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3 Responses to “Epik post claims company was sold, lawsuits were settled”
  1. Michael Mann says:

    Short it. Coincidentally, I can’t just type “short” here because this app says my post is too “short”

  2. Josh says:

    If the right district attorney were to learn what happened here, criminal charges would be filed.

  3. EPIKS DEBACLE If ever there were reason or cause to develop and successfully impliment usage of blockchain for domain registration/ownership as the niche. This would be the reason. Had blockchain been in use I suspect little to none of this domain registrar abuse ever would have occurred. Blockchain creatives, are you listening?

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