Epik & Masterbucks hit with lawsuit involving the sale of Nourish.com

Epik.com, Masterbucks, its founder Rob Monster, and the current CEO, Brian Royce, are defendants in a lawsuit that involves the domain name Nourish.com.

In this lawsuit filed in Washington state, Plaintiff Matthew Adkisson alleges that Epik and its founder, Rob Monster, failed to deliver the domain name Nourish.com following the receipt of $327,000 dollars. The process used the Epik.com escrow services; at the time, Epik claimed that the seller was expecting to be paid in crypto and they would convert it as part of the service. 

Adkisson alleges that the money was used instead to fund other Epik expenses; the company acknowledged the lack of delivering what was promised and according to the lawsuit, Rob Monster further represented that “in the event that the Company does not, or will not settle the balance due of $307,000, I am committed to covering this personally, and doing so asap.”

In its current financial state, the lawsuit involves the sum of $300,000 dollars plus interest, as Epik provided a $20,000 refund payment late last year but failed to pay out the remainder in January.

The lawsuit PDF can be accessed here. Many thanks to IP attorney, John Berryhill for providing the document. (Berryhill is not involved in this lawsuit.)

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