Domainer poll: Who is best suited to become the new CEO of Epik?

Yesterday ICANN added Epik LLC as an accredited domain registrar, thus removing Epik Inc. from its roster. The new company announced in a press release that neither founder Rob Monster or transitional CEO, Brian Royce, are part of the new company that still operates from the domain name The latter is creating issues with […]

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Epik post claims company was sold, lawsuits were settled

A lengthy post from “Epik LLC” at NamePros yesterday claims that the company was successfully sold, all while 3 pending lawsuits were released as the plaintiffs were paid. It is not clear who is the person writing the post that begins with several points: JJE, TVT, and Adkisson were all paid today and released lawsuits. […]

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Swiss Bank of Domains doesn’t pay its Masterbucks debt in dollars

Epik, the self-proclaimed “Swiss bank of Domains,” doesn’t seem to be able to pay investors holding onto its Masterbucks tokens. One could say that the “bank” is facing an existential crisis, much like that of the real banking system. Months after the new CEO promised to make whole an escrowed transaction involving the domain, […]

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Kathleen Kalaf, sold the domain expecting to receive $91,000 dollars out of a $100k sale conducted using Epik. Soon, she found out that the balance had been turned into useless “masterbucks” that could not be converted into real currency. By locking the balance in her account, Epik essentially kept the full $100,000 dollars it […]

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Epik: Domainers are not our core customer

If you’re a domain investor, take notice: Epik does not consider you a “core customer.” Facing challenges and a blown up Masterbucks economy, Epik CEO Brian Royce made this statement on Twitter, in response to a comment that demonstrated the fall of Epik as a domainer-centric registrar: “Domainers are not our core customer. They represent […]

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