Seller of finally got paid by Epik 2.0!

It’s been a long nine months for the seller of the domain name, Nine whole months after the transaction closed on Epik’s escrow, Kathleen Kalaf received $91,000 dollars via bank wire today. Ms. Kalaf went through numerous emails, public sharing that included a YouTube video, and even talks to the FBI. Epik came up […]

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Kathleen Kalaf, sold the domain expecting to receive $91,000 dollars out of a $100k sale conducted using Epik. Soon, she found out that the balance had been turned into useless “masterbucks” that could not be converted into real currency. By locking the balance in her account, Epik essentially kept the full $100,000 dollars it […]

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Epik selling assets to pay off debt; is DNForum about to be sold? was sold for $100,000 dollars utilizing the Epik escrow process in September, but Kathleen Kalaf, the domain’s former owner, has not received $91,000 dollars as part of the deal. The money was kept by Epik and although the company has acknowledged the debt it has yet to complete the transaction. Epik, effectively, has kept […]

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The domain was sold for $100,000 dollars in September 2022, using Epik as an escrow services mediator. According to Kathleen Kalaf, the domain’s seller, Epik acknowledged the receipt of the funds and was therefore entitled to keeping 9% of it per the agreement. The remaining $91,000 dollars was never sent to Ms. Kalaf, however, […]

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