seller talked to the FBI about Epik

Kathleen Kalaf, sold the domain expecting to receive $91,000 dollars out of a $100k sale conducted using Epik.

Soon, she found out that the balance had been turned into useless “masterbucks” that could not be converted into real currency. By locking the balance in her account, Epik essentially kept the full $100,000 dollars it received from the anonymous buyer of the domain

Ms. Kalaf had to raise her concerns in public via a YouTube video, along with contacting the new Epik CEO, Brian Royce, who not only acknowledged the debt but promised her last year that the due balance of $91,000 dollars would be paid by the end of January, if not sooner.

Today is January 31st and no such payment has been made by Epik to Ms. Kalaf. She has shared some intriguing conversations she had with Mr. Brian Royce; in one of them she was offered a 50% payout. In other words she’d keep half the owed money “now” and waive her rights to the remaining balance.

Obviously, such an agreement would not be to Ms. Kalaf’s benefit. Instead, she headed over to her local FBI office for an in-person meeting.

Said Ms. Kalaf:

I haven’t received a penny from Epik yet. Brian Royce was supposed to make best efforts to pay me the $91000 they owe me for by tomorrow, January 31. I went to the local FBI field office today to meet with an FBI agent. They actually met with me in person.

Agent came down to the lobby to get me, gun on his hip, took me up to the 5th floor offices. I had to go through a metal detector before we could meet and share all of the documentation that I have with Brian Royce and Epik.

You can read more about the current situation at Epik in an epic thread at NamePros.

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  1. don w. says:

    Poor lady. If someone starts a go fund me for her money or legal fees, I’ll throw in a few bucks.


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