Sedo attending Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona

Yesterday marked the long-awaited beginning of Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona, Spain and the event is off to a fantastic start. More than 5,000 attendees are currently engaging other industry professionals; Sedo is attending the conference, now in its 2nd day.

For many, Barcelona is the perfect summer destination, but for Sedo it holds even more significance as the team has the opportunity to connect with familiar faces from the industry and bridge the gap between people and the domain market.

As luck would have it, the weather in Barcelona is scorching hot at the moment. Thankfully, Sedo had the foresight to create their own branded fans! With these soaring temperatures, it has certainly proven to be a wise decision. 🙂

If you’re attending Affiliate World Europe,  cool down and visit Christian Voss, Andrea Millán Oberst, Ezequiel Abuaf and Alina Kortmann at booth B25.

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