reported as sold for $129,000 dollars via

The domain name has been reported as sold on the platform. The domain was acquired by a platform for NFT art creators.

Although the sales price was set at $129,000 dollars, the buyer opted for a LTO acquisition over the course of 5 years. The seller is CEO, Kellie Peterson, who shared important information about both the sale and her investments in .XYZ domains in general:

“Yesterday I woke up to an email from advising me that someone had purchased on a 60 month Lease To Own (LTO) basis. Today the domain is in use. My price was $129,000. If the buyer makes all 60 payments they will pay ~$167k.”

Regarding her introduction to the .XYZ opportunities, Kellie said:

“I’ve been in the domain business for almost 25 years now and I’ve been a domain investor for about 18. I enjoy a pretty good reputation in the domain world. I missed the early days and had neither the money nor the risk tolerance to go hard when there were buying opportunities when a one word .com was more accessible so the number of .com domains I’ve sold from my own portfolio is paltry both from a quantity and a value perspective with being the exception. However, I’ve been selling premium one word .xyz domains for several years – as early as 2016 IIRC. The sales were anywhere from $850 up to ~$50,000. I was perfectly happy to sell a .xyz that I picked up for less than a buck for as little as $850 back then.”

Kellie Peterson also addressed the current sentiment that some share regarding .XYZ domains and reported domain sales:

“Now the rumors seems to be hinting that I’m part of a conspiracy to pump up .XYZ sales because this is a LTO transaction and the buyer will probably stop paying after the first payment. One of these things may be true. The completion rates on LTO transactions are not great. But I don’t care. I still get to keep that money. Money I would not have otherwise received. I also get the domain name back. The best part? I get to help a startup who would otherwise be unable to afford getting started or upgrading to a one word domain.”

You can read Kellie’s full post on LinkedIn.

Kellie operates where you can review her domain name portfolio and perhaps buy a gem or two. 🙂

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