Domain portfolio scalability: It’s what does best moving into the GoDaddy group of companies was the news of the day, yesterday. The European start-up is a DomainGang sponsor and has been the domain selling platform for domainers by and large, increasing its inventory at a steady rate: 2.2 million domains currently use the DNS. And there lies the secret of […]

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Dan + GoDaddy: It’s stupid but someone did it

News of GoDaddy acquiring broke earlier today, sending exchanges among domain investors into a frenzy. Some cannot avoid referencing the acquisition of Uniregistry by GoDaddy in 2020, a transaction that stocked up NameFind with Frank Schilling’s domains and took the life out of the Uni Market. Whether you like or you hate the acquisition […]

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Unicorn status: to become a GoDaddy company will be joining forces with GoDaddy, per the official announcement. GoDaddy puts emphasis on the sales landers and fulfillment platform provided by and will be accelerating its integration with its own platform, Afternic. Note: is a sponsor of DomainGang. In the short term, users can expect to see the familiar customizable […]

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Whit Monday: What is it and why’s closed today?

Visitors of, the ever-popular domain platform for selling and buying domains, are seeing a strange message today. After logging in to one’s account, the following message appears at the top of the page: 📢 Today is a public holiday (Whit Monday) and no payouts are processed. Payouts will resume Tuesday morning again. Have […]

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No, does *not* steal your domain names!

“ stole my domain in under 24 hours.” This inaccurate claim is part of a recent review of, a platform designed for domain owners to sell their assets on. The reviewer asserts that is part of a group of “cybersquatters” that steal domain names – a completely false claim. Note: Dan is a […]

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Domain platform has released its 5th product update today, inching closer to the ultimate goal of rolling out its own domain Registrar. We expect this to take place in the next release! Note: is a premium sponsor of DomainGang. The ever-maturing platform’s latest release strengthens its stability and adds several features: Domain Categories: […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Yes, #domain offers are binding, even if they don’t meet the BIN

If you place an offer on a domain selling platform, such as, it is an indication of a true attempt to pay money in exchange for that domain. Note: DAN is an advertiser on DomainGang. The domain acquisition process on includes a notice that making offers are contractual obligations to follow up with […]

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Negative DAN review for a domain that’s simply parked!

The DAN marketplace has been rolling out improved features, many of which were requested by its domain-selling user base. Note: is a premium sponsor. Built for fast, efficient sales, receives positive comments on its TrustPilot profile, with a 4.7 out of 5 score. One recent comment, however, is negative and delivers 1 star […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. rolls out new updates, including a powerful bulk edit feature has rolled out a fresh batch of great updates to its already superb platform. Note: DAN is a premium sponsor of DomainGang. For the past week we’ve been part of the beta testing group, witnessing history in the making. is quickly becoming the must-go-to platform and here are some reasons: In this release, […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Added Payoneer as payment processor but it’s optional

Domain marketplace platform,, announced the introduction of a new partnership with Payoneer. The popular payout service will be available as an optional bank payout handler; it’s been used by millions of marketplace users on global platforms such as Airnbnb and Amazon. Note: is a premium sponsor of DomainGang. An early email by DAN […]

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Domain buyer throws “baby tantrum” over missed payment snafu

When you don’t want to blame yourself for not keeping your financial information up to date, just blame the other guy. A domain buyer using the platform to acquire a domain using a payment plan, threw a temper tantrum and rated DAN with the lowest score at Trustpilot. Note: DAN is a premium sponsor […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Latest updates hint of upcoming domain registrar services

DAN, our premium sponsor, has released its updated terms and conditions and if there’s something worth pointing out from this lengthy document is a reference to domain Registrar Services. It appears that DAN will be offering its own registrar for its customers, as the following section reveals: Of course, this is interesting news that should […]

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