Transaction void after $47,150 dollar sale

Bad boy! The sale of for $47,150 dollars earlier this month is null and void, after the auction’s winner failed to pay, apparently. The domain name is now in auction with several days left; a total of 17 bids have been placed with the current highest bid standing at $510 dollars. It is expected […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Domain Investment Index report for Q4/2023

In the fourth quarter of 2023, witnessed a slight decline in total domain name volume, decreasing from $85 million dollars in the third quarter to $79 million dollars. Across most domain categories, the median prices have remained consistent compared to the preceding quarter. Noteworthy highlights from this period include the volume in sales of […]

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Domain investor’s life ruined by lack of .ai sales

Domains that end in dot .ai form 95% of all domain sales in recent months, bringing the revenue of Anguilla, a British territory in the Caribbean, to $7.9 billion dollars so far this year. Millions of .ai registrations at an average price of $80 dollars a pop mean one thing: If you don’t sell .ai […]

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Chinese investors have registered all LLLL .ai domains using AI

The .ai namespace is getting smaller, after Chinese domain investors raided all remaining LLLL .ai domains. Beginning Friday evening, more than 450,000 LLLL .ai domain names were registered, spanning the so called “Chinese letters” groups and extending to the full namespace. There are zero LLLL .ai domains left today. “This is a clear indication of […]

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Here’s what not to do with your .AI domain names

If you own .AI domains, congratulations. The fastest-growing ccTLD with generic qualities per Google, is a magnet for domain investors and companies alike. Some companies will thumb their noses at the matching .com, opting for the .ai domain even when the .com is made available! That being said, there are a few things that you […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Dot .AI is doing much better than .IO ever did

The recent report released by shows that sales of .AI domain names remain strong. Despite a decrease in Q3/2023 to $1.3 million dollars, down from the Q2/2023 figure of $1.8 million dollars, the overall sentiment is that .AI domains are performing much better than .IO ever did. We reached out to Chief Executive […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. has been acquired by Dharmesh Shahโ€”A very expensive domain, apparently

Dharmesh Shah, founder of HubSpot, announced the fresh acquisition of the domain name The domain will serve as a repository of a future AI-related project, so no surprises there. What is interesting, is that Mr. Shah referred to the domain’s acquisition as “the most expensive domain name ever for a totally free newsletter with […]

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Dave Evanson: AI domain sales are on fire!

Sedo announced the sale of last week, as part of its weekly report of domain sales. The $700,000 dollar sale of was completed with the help of Dave Evanson, senior domain broker at Sedo and an industry veteran. Update: Dave’s sale involved the domain, not the .ai variant. Original post follows. — […]

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Take a “deep dive” into .ai domains, courtesy of #InterNetX

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to dominate discussions and activity in the tech world. You’re about to take a “deep dive” into the empowerment of AI and .ai domain names, courtesy of InterNetX, that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. A detailed article presents the rise of the .ai ccTLD and its significance in an industry overflowing […]

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Seven with Sedo: The biggest .AI domain auction has started!

Sedo, our premium sponsor, monitors keywords trends; Artificial intelligence (AI) is super hot right now, almost as hot as summer in Greece! ๐Ÿ˜€ The biggest auction ofย .AI domain names in recent memory is underway, lasting from today, July 20th, until July 27th, 2023. Don’t miss the opportunity to peruse quality .AI domain names at this […]

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xAI: Elon Musk’s latest project live on the domain

Elon Musk‘s latest project is called xAI and its mission is to “understand the universe.” Operating from the domain name, the minimalist lander states: “Today we announce the formation of xAI. The goal of xAI is to understand the true nature of the universe. You can meet the team and ask us questions during […]

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Have .AI domains to sell? Join this upcoming auction at #Sedo!

Do you own .ai domain names? The upcoming auction by Sedo focuses on this special ccTLD that Google treats as “generic.” AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, a market that’s been blowing up in recent months. Dot .ai domains have been selling at prices unseen before and Sedo welcomes your submissions. ๐Ÿ™‚ The AI auction takes […]

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