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Domain Concierge : Escrow.com takes over the domain, so is it worth it?

When buying or selling domain names, the function and legacy of Escrow.com as a safe and secure transaction facilitator is indisputable. Thousands of domain sales have been handled over the years by Escrow.com, which not only went through a complete redesign, but introduced a new service recently. In a recent interview with Jackson Elsegood, the […]

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Escrow.com : Five plus one questions with Jackson Elsegood, General Manager

Escrow.com launched a new domain holding service today, called Domain Concierge, and we reached out to Jackson Elsegood, general manager at Escrow.com. The Domain Name Concierge service is designed to securely hold the seller’s domain until full payment is received, and then transfer the domain to the buyer’s registrar account. Domain Concierge thus adds an […]

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ZFBot Developer creates the first Domainer Concierge application

ZFBot developer Ken Greenwood takes being in tune with his customers to a new level. The progressive domain app programmer and expert guitar player granted us a rare interview, earlier today. Ken, thank you for taking a break from your programming. What’s going on with ZFBot? “I’ve heard loud and clear what the users of […]

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