WaterviewFarms.com: Pending sale to Canada via Escrow.com

The aged (2003) domain name WaterviewFarms.com has recently changed hands and while the WHOIS information is obfuscated we’re guessing where the domain is going.

For several years, the domain represented Waterview Farms, a renter of property at Martha’s Vineyard. Changes to the WHOIS reveal that Escrow.com and its Domain Concierge service are being used to transfer the domain to a Canadian owner.

Note: Escrow.com is a premium sponsor of DomainGang.

WaterviewFarms.com from 2014 – image courtesy of Screenshots.com

Drilling down further, the domain name now shares the same DNS with its .CA counterpart and while that domain resolves to a broken web site, it’s clear that the buyer is in Canada.

Furthermore, the domain was recently moved to Tucows, a popular domain registrar in Canada.

Using Escrow.com and its Domain Concierge service is the safest way to exchange a domain name for money: Escrow.com takes control of the domain as the intermediary, ensuring the seller gets paid and the buyer receives the domain.

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