No longer just a #Greek island: Buyer of the #domain unveiled

A little over a year ago we shared news of the domain selling to an unknown entity, with the help of Samos, located in the enchanting waters of the eastern Aegean Sea, is a picturesque Greek island with profound history and awe-inspiring vistas. Adorned with winding mountain paths, pristine beaches, and charming eateries, […]

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The aged (2003) domain name has recently changed hands and while the WHOIS information is obfuscated we’re guessing where the domain is going. For several years, the domain represented Waterview Farms, a renter of property at Martha’s Vineyard. Changes to the WHOIS reveal that and its Domain Concierge service are being used to […]

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#NamesCon acquires #Canadian #domain conference with European roots

NamesCon is expanding, and they just announced the acquisition of CanadianFEHst, a premium domain, poutine and beer conference, that takes place every summer in Quebec. “With so many Canadian investors traveling every year across snow and ice to get to NamesCon in January, we will be able to cater to these folks in the heart […]

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Canada domains : Dot .CA turned 30 eh!

O, Canada! Dot .CA domains are now officially 30 years old, so time for Canadian domainers to rejoice. Shotgun a beer maybe? 😀 According to our domain flags list, dot .CA went live on May 14th, 1987 – becoming the 14th country to be allocated a national ccTLD. It was predated by Norway on March […]

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Domain investor’s ingenious trick to register .CA domains

If you’re not a Canadian, forget about registering a .CA domain, eh. Hundreds of domain investors to the north of America’s borders enjoy the privilege of getting hold of the .CA extension, whenever they want. Some of the biggest domain sales reported by DNJournal in 2016, have been in the .CA extension; the lucrative ccTLD […]

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Canadian politics : Halifax councillor releases cybersquatted domains

All is fair in love and war, and the latter incorporates politics. A Canadian councillor was apparently ill-advised, when she registered the full name of a political opponent. Halifax Regional councillor, Linda Mosher, initially registered the domains and, as part of her political strategy. Shawn Cleary is the name of a political opponent, […]

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Domainer politics : Mark Jeftovic and the Libertarian Party

Mark Jeftovic founded easyDNS Technologies in Toronto, Canada, in 1998. The Internet services company pioneered the use of Toronto’s Parkdale neighborhood as its headquarters; the district has become the tech hub of Toronto. In the 2000’s, Jeftovic served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA.) Jeftovic appeared on several panels […]

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Adam Dicker launches Home Delivery Domains in Canada

Despite his ever-busy work day, Adam Dicker, founder of DNForum is an open-minded domain investor from Canada. Great reputation is the numero uno element a successful domain professional clings dearly onto, and Adam’s reputation is far beyond stellar. By launching a new domain brokerage service for Canadians, Adam Dicker brings the home delivery of domains […]

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Canadian invention: Youngest element name sold in remarkable domain flip

And you thought the days of making money selling domain names for profit are over! The name of the youngest chemical to be invented was sold today, making its proud domain registrant, Charlie Pound of Ontario, Canada, about $75 dollars richer. “I read the newspaper every day and between the hockey news and the gossip […]

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Adam Dicker, owner of announced today the opening of – a separate but familiar-looking domain community about Canadian domains: “It is a free forum to post and read and users can upgrade to gold for added benefits. All current dnforum members will be set to gold right away without cost, please email me […]

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DNForum acquires

Adam Dicker, owner of and has announced that his company acquired “What I do with it will be a surprise”, says Adam. The domain is already pointing to content about domains, for Canadians eh!

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Bananaman: The Legendary JP and the secret of his Domainer Success

There are domainer legends and there are domainer legends! Meet Joshua Pelissero, a Canadian domainer with a lengthy track record of locating and recovering stolen domains. Known by the monikers “The Legendary JP” or “Bananaman”, Joshua flipped numerous quality domains – starting in 2004. The Legendary JP took a break from his busy schedule and […]

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