London Domain Summit: Adam Dicker will be attending the summer event

Things are about to heat up in the domain industry, after the London Domain Summit founder announced that Canadian domainer, Adam Dicker, will be attending the August event. Helmuts Meskonis is hosting the domain-centric event in London on August 22-23 where “entry is free, food and drinks” as well. Hopefully, temperatures in the UK won’t […]

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Big game: back to being a blog about the male sheep

Just days after being listed for sale on with an $800,000 dollar price tag, is once again a blog about the male sheep. Adam Dicker’s premium domain has been listed for sale on several domain venues over the years; its owner insisted in the past that it was acquired for his love of […]

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The asking price for the domain was jacked up, once again – all while the Los Angeles Rams made it to the Super Bowl. Could it be coincidental? Of course not. 😀, a domain owned by Adam Dicker, was listed for sale on Sedo for $300,000 dollars in December. The price had been […]

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Huge drop in price; premium #domain listed at Sedo

The premium animal domain has now been listed on Sedo with a BIN of $300,000 dollars. That’s a huge drop of 40% since Thanksgiving, when it was listed for sale on At the time, Adam Dicker, the domain’s owner, was seeking half a million American dollars. The drop in price, which is apparently negotiable, […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. #Domain drops on DAN before Thanksgiving Day, the domain about “rams,” the male sheep, is no longer displaying information about the horned split hoofed animal. Adam Dicker’s precious domain is now up for sale on DAN, with an asking price of $500,000 dollars. That’s up from a recent listing on Afternic ($350,000 dollars) but below its all time high asking price […]

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Adam Dicker on #NamePros: “I made a mess and it’s time to clean it up”

Adam Dicker, Canadian domain investor and former owner of DNForum, returned after a long hiatus to NamePros, where the most lengthy exchange of the forum takes place. In a series of comments, Dicker acknowledged that he “made a mess and it’s time to clean it up.” In doing so, Adam Dicker promised to spend the […]

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Merry Christmas : Is this proof #domain investors are #assholes?

As the year ends, we often reflect on what happened during the entire 365 days of 2019. Were we nice, or naughty – and Santa knows it all, but we also have to acknowledge it. It seems that some view domain investors, aka “domainers,” as assholes. That’s right folks, domainers can be assholes at times, […]

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#Rams .com : Super Bowl losing team still has interest in the #domain

The Los Angeles Rams might have lost the Super Bowl to their arch-nemesis, the Patriots, but football life goes on. Operating from the domain, the NFL team doesn’t own its exact match .com, For several years, the domain has been in the possession of Canadian domainer Adam Dicker, who was featured on […]

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#Rams .com pulled from parking, price goes back to seven figures

Last month, we pointed out that the generic domain was put up for sale on Sedo, with a low BIN price. Listed for only $350,000 dollars “or best offer,” was the subject of controversy last year on ESPN. There’s no doubt that the Los Angeles Rams might be the single biggest potential buyer […]

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#Domain devaluation : You can now buy #Rams .com for six figures!

As long as we can remember, was listed for sale with a price of between $1,000,000 to $1.8 million dollars – in other words, seven figures. Adam Dicker’s animal domain gained notoriety after football fans looking for The Rams triggered an ESPN article about the generic qualities of domains. In that article, Dicker stated […]

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Adam Dicker’s #crypto of choice revealed

A few days ago, Adam Dicker hinted on Twitter of a cryptocurrency that’d make it big. Alt-coins, such as Ripple, have dominated the news in recent months, and despite a recent massive correction of crypto, things are back on track. It seems that Adam Dicker, who in recent months has been quiet about the domain […]

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Adam Dicker hints of upcoming #crypto ventures in new tweet

Adam Dicker, who recently made the news in an ESPN coverage about the domain, is apparently tapping the cryptocurrency market. In a rare departure from football-related tweets, Adam Dicker hinted of something that he’s working on: “I have a the next big cryptocurrency that will skyrocket. Cost pennies at the moment. Will announce soon.” […]

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