Adam Dicker’s #crypto of choice revealed

A few days ago, Adam Dicker hinted on Twitter of a cryptocurrency that’d make it big. Alt-coins, such as Ripple, have dominated the news in recent months, and despite a recent massive correction of crypto, things are back on track. It seems that Adam Dicker, who in recent months has been quiet about the domain […]

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Adam Dicker hints of upcoming #crypto ventures in new tweet

Adam Dicker, who recently made the news in an ESPN coverage about the domain, is apparently tapping the cryptocurrency market. In a rare departure from football-related tweets, Adam Dicker hinted of something that he’s working on: “I have a the next big cryptocurrency that will skyrocket. Cost pennies at the moment. Will announce soon.” […]

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Adam Dicker on #ESPN : The #domain name #Rams .com, I bought for my love of animals

Adam Dicker was interviewed by ESPN, regarding his possession of the domain The interview refers to Adam Dicker as a “Toronto based web designer,” who swears he’s not a domain “squatter.” According to the interview about the domain name Dicker says he spends a lot of his free time watching the television channel […]

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NamesCon 2017 : How much was sold for in the past?

During NamesCon 2017 we had the pleasure to interview the new owners of DNForum, George Verdugo (CEO) and Kevin Faler (CFO). This is the 3rd time that has been sold, since its formation in 2001 by then student, Dan Gessler. How much did DNForum sell for? While the price has not been disclosed due […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. : Has Adam Dicker sold off this domain asset?

Adam Dicker’s “niche web sites” venture closed down a while ago; the domains and remained live until last month. According to DomainTools, both domains were moved to Uniregistry in late October, from the previous domain registrar. Although neither domain resolves, this registrar transfer indicates a sale of domain assets has occurred, and both […]

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Adam Dicker via DNForum : “The business just failed”

Adam Dicker, owner of, recently relaunched the aged domain community after more than 3 months of taking it offline. Officially relaunched on June 1st, arrived with some functionality changes, and promises by Adam Dicker to improve the domain forum. Late last year, Adam Dicker’s Niche Websites business became the focal point of a […]

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DNForum : Adam Dicker plans to relaunch domain forum

DNForum, the domain name forum and domain investor community owned by Adam Dicker, went dark sometime in early February. At the time, the DNForum owner stated that was undergoing server upgrades. Many expected downtime to last a few days. After several weeks and months passed, DNForum remained offline. There was some speculation over whether […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. : Two letter domain was once owned by Adam Dicker

Can’t blame the Chinese for seeking out to acquire premium two letter .com domains. Yesterday, we mentioned that the domain changed hands once again, in China. Quite often, such premium domains are acquired by corporations or by domain investors seeking an appreciation of their investment. As it turns out, was owned in the […]

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DomainSherpa : Videos of Adam Dicker removed from web site

Domain Sherpa founder, Michael Cyger, removed all videos featuring domain investor Adam Dicker from his web site, The videos span dozens of hours of domain reviews, discussions and interviews with the Canadian domainer, going back to 2013. There was no related announcement regarding the removal of those videos by Cyger. Following week-long allegations of […]

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Happy 50th Birthday Adam Dicker!

Canadian domain investor and entrepreneur, Adam Dicker, turns 50 today. Wow, how time passes! 😉 It’s the big Five-Oh ! Adam’s continuous involvement with the domain community has provided valuable knowledge, expertise and friendship for many years. From all of us here at DomainGang, and on behalf of many domainers around the world – our […]

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DomainSherpa : And the winning Sherpa replacing Adam Dicker is …

Adam Dicker’s departure from the DomainSherpa show marks the end of an era, and the beginning of another. While Sherpas come and go, Adam’s contribution to Michael Cyger’s show through domain knowledge and Canadian sense of humor has been paramount. We ran a poll to take the domainer community’s pulse regarding who could be a […]

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Poll : Who should replace Adam Dicker in the DomainSherpa show?

With domain investor, Adam Dicker, announcing his retirement from the DomainSherpa show to better manage his personal ventures, many agonize about who will be filling the spot. There are many capable people willing to donate their time and experience in the field of domain analysis, naturally. The problem with such spots is that one needs […]

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