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Merry Christmas : Is this proof #domain investors are #assholes?

As the year ends, we often reflect on what happened during the entire 365 days of 2019. Were we nice, or naughty – and Santa knows it all, but we also have to acknowledge it. It seems that some view domain investors, aka “domainers,” as assholes. That’s right folks, domainers can be assholes at times, […]

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Dicker launches Assholes dot com

DNForum owner, Adam Dicker, has launched Assholes.com as a consumer complaint web site, aimed at people that were hit with chargebacks after a transaction. Assholes.com will feature complaints, as a method of recouping the funds. Although the domain itself is definitely vulgar, we all call “assholes” those that often behave in an unscrupulous, defrauding manner. […]

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A Message to Content Scrapers: F#ck you!

I wasn’t aware of how far the habit of stealing someone else’s hard work has proliferated on the web. In the past, some good-for-nothing so-called “entrepreneurs” copied my entire corporate content, sales pitch and all, word for word. They were named, shamed and the content was forcibly taken down. Today, in the context of regular […]

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