Merry Christmas : Is this proof #domain investors are #assholes?

As the year ends, we often reflect on what happened during the entire 365 days of 2019.

Were we nice, or naughty – and Santa knows it all, but we also have to acknowledge it.

It seems that some view domain investors, aka “domainers,” as assholes. That’s right folks, domainers can be assholes at times, we’ve all been there before.

If you want more proof, look at what Drew Rosener of Media Options did: he just acquired the domain name has been sold

This amazing keyword about “assholes” is now listed on Sedo with a $15,000 dollar BIN price tag.

We aren’t sure if this is the seller’s listed price, or it’s a new listing by Media Options. The latter, is a domain brokerage known for their cunning ability to secure premium domains at low prices, flipping them for high five figures, six figures, or above.

Until at least 2018, belonged to Canadian domainer, Adam Dicker, former owner of DNForum. We covered his use of as a consumer complaints web site in 2012.

Is going to be resold by Media Options, for thousands of dollars in profit, or will it become yet another

Happy holidays, assholes! 😀

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