Chinese domain market report : Can’t blog about celebrities in China!

The Chinese Internet consumers are like everywhere else; they love reading juicy news about celebrities. In yet another act of censorship, China’s government will be closing down social media accounts that share gossip about celebrities, asking Internet providers for a “crackdown.” The Beijing Cyberspace Administration states that “web sites need to adopt effective measures to […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. confirmed to be the largest domain sale in history has been confirmed to have been the largest domain sale in history, with a staggering $872,320,000 dollar valuation. Domain investor, George Kirikos, provided this number two years ago, and is once again quoting the numbers from the latest financial statement: In connection with our acquisition by Parent, we have an intangible asset with […]

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ADD Domainer Issue #2 : News about domains, domainers, sales, and other stuff – OMG, a fireant!

This is the 2nd edition of ADD Domainer, an once-in-a-blue-moon publication about domain names, domainers gone nuts, domain sales, and other non-events from the domainer community. Our content is meant to stop your attention deficit disorder from kicking in, and hopefully – OMG, did you see that squirrel??? Elliot Silver is auctioning off a bunch […]

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MannQuotes – Chapter X : Mann against the machine

Mike Mann’s conventional and professional wisdom has been immortalized in a series of MannQuotes; we started the series in 2013 for that very purpose. Sharing Mike Mann’s entrepreneurial and often, very personal statements, is an educating and entertaining anthology worth reading. After all, it’s not just Mike’s business acumen that stands out, or his trademark […]

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Domain Name Jargon : The Web, and where can you find it

Holly molly! When we started the Domain Name Jargon series, our goal was to update it often with new entries. After all, it’s an endless, valuable encyclopedia of terms, trivia, and other information about domaining that you won’t find anywhere else, because we’re basically re-writing the book of domain investing. With that in mind, it’s […]

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Brewski Bros : Domain brokerage that breaks all the rules

Dynamic domain brokers, Bruce Brewski and Bobby Brewski are launching yet another service from their domain brokerage outfit. Their newly launched Aggressive Domain Brokerage Unit (ADBU) aims at targeting domain buyers that have potential, but are not motivated to buy your domain names. “If you thought you’d sell your domains by asking buyers nicely, welcome […]

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Southern California Domainers : April’s meeting at the XYZ HQ

The .XYZ Registry is once again hosting the Southern California Domainers Meetup in April. The first meetup of 2016 will take place at the .XYZ offices,  in Santa Monica, CA, on Friday, April 15th at 6:30pm. Although it’s open to everyone, you need to RSVP for the event, as the host has to make sure […]

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Ajax Dremel : Investor’s new book on the Chinese domain chips

Ajax Dremel, CEO and author of the highly successful book “Domain Investing: Like a Boss” needs very little introduction. The master domainer has been generating residual income from his domain investments for years, always remaining at the sidelines, quiet and composed but always controversial. Until it’s time to announce his new book, that is. “Ladybird […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. : Formerly stolen domain has been recovered

In April of this year, we reported that the premium, aged domain was stolen from its legitimate owner. At the time, Mr. AJ Alfieri-Crispin, shared the agony of witnessing the domain disappear from his registrar account in the course of 25 minutes. The owner’s Odyssey ended about a month ago, when the 3rd District […]

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Volkswagen.XYZ : Domain lost in UDRP despite emissions scandal

Despite an ongoing emissions scandal involving German automaker Volkswagen, a trademark is still a trademark. In a UDRP filed against the owner of the domain name Volkswagen.XYZ, the Respondent was a Minnesota car dealer. Still, such relationships do not justify going after a domain that clearly constitutes a trademark infringement – unless there is an […]

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Most ridiculous domain auction ever on Flippa ?

One of the reasons Flippa is successful as a domain auction venue, is the wide range of domains, web sites and apps being auctioned. Still, there have been questionable auctions in the past. Anyone remember the auction? 😀 At least, there was a humorous aspect in that one, along with proof of established revenue. […]

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Non-COM sightings : Dot .Vegas makes the list!

It’s been a while since our last – official – non-com sighting, although there was a recent snafu with 😀 Still, an eagle-eyed DomainGang reader, Bruce Marler, took the following image while riding in a cab in Las Vegas. The first dot .Vegas non-com sighting is a reality, with Teach.Vegas, a web site dedicated […]

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