Brewski Bros : Domain brokerage that breaks all the rules

Dynamic domain brokers, Bruce Brewski and Bobby Brewski are launching yet another service from their domain brokerage outfit.

Their newly launched Aggressive Domain Brokerage Unit (ADBU) aims at targeting domain buyers that have potential, but are not motivated to buy your domain names.

“If you thought you’d sell your domains by asking buyers nicely, welcome to the real world sweetheart!” exclaims Bruce Brewski.

“With ADBU we’ll cut to the chase and get you the right buyer, after digging up all the dirt we could find about them. Rest assured, they will pay your asking price, or we get zero domain commission!” added Brewski.

Domain broker brothers, Brewski & Brewski.

Domain broker brothers, Brewski & Brewski.

Some of the elements and practices of the Aggressive Domain Brokerage Unit by the Brewski brothers, can be outlined below:

  • Research of social media accounts to locate drunk or awkward photos, such as duck faces.
  • Background checking in marriage and divorce databases to locate unhappy exes.
  • Deep purchase record analysis, such as Taco Bell or Wal-Mart invoices to define buying trends and eating habits.
  • Voting records, to determine the chance of exposing yet another Donald Trump drone.

“We’re certain that our method delivers the best selling price for your crap to average domain,” said Bobby Brewski, adding: “Our research methods might be shocking to some, or even outright sexist, but we make it happen baby!”

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