Domain Broker Olympics: Rosener, Richter, and Pickthall

The results of the Domain Broker Olympics Master of Domains for 2023 are in. Sponsored by every year, the event’s winners demonstrate a scary trend, as Andrew Rosener of MediaOptions gets gold for the fifth consecutive year. Amazing! There is silver for Keith Richter, co-founder of Lumis, with Louis Pickthall of BrandForce taking home […]

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The Afternic Diaries: Mundane tasks of a domain name broker

My name is – wait, better leave that out, on second thought. I’m a junior domain broker at Afternic, the biggest domain brokerage platform owned by GoDaddy. We are giants. At least, that’s what the middle management tells us on casual Fridays. We have pineapple pizza and soda and we talk about kicking the competition’s […]

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Work for a sucky domain brokerage? Time to quit!

Not every platform that brokers domain names is great to its employees. Domain brokers are typically paid commission for sales that they achieve on behalf of the domain brokerage. Conditions of employment can vary a lot and sometimes it’s time to call it quits. If the domain brokerage really sucks, why not let them know? […]

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Jeff Gabriel, co-founder of, has achieved an impressive record in domain sales: Almost half a billion ($500 million) dollars’ worth of brokered deals. As a senior domain broker, Jeff Gabriel was involved personally in the sale of and while the sales amount is under NDA, it’s rumored to be worth eight figures USD. […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Top 10 most prolific domain name brokers for 2021 has announced its report of the Top 10 Grossing Domain Name Brokers for sales they completed in 2021. The annual Master of Domains awards celebrates and recognizes the leaders in the domain name industry. The list is below: Andrew Rosener – Founder & CEO of DomainX, LLC Todd Reum – CEO of Cameron […]

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Brewski & Brewski: Why these domain brokers charge 150% commission

When the job of acquiring and selling domain names needs some manual intervention, no-one knows the business better than Brewski & Brewski, the powerful domain brokerage. Brothers Bobby and Bruce Brewski are killing it, leveraging trillions of dollars in domain sales that have been their bread and butter since the late 90’s. What is the […]

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Kyriakos Iakovou moves to Prime Loyalty as Head of Sales

Veteran domain broker, Kyriakos “Kay” Iakovou, has moved to Prime Loyalty as the new Head of Sales. The Cypriot domain professional boasts an impressive $40 million dollars in domain sales during his tenure, that includes both Uniregistry and Uni Naming & Registry. From Kyriakos Iakovou’s bio: Kay is a Sales oriented Team Leader that has […]

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Everyone is welcome: Domain brokerage ready to take on 80% of the pie

Do you have less than spectacular domain names and are eager—no, desperate—to sell? Look no further than the Brewski Bros brokerage, as they are expanding their services on the blockchain. Formed in 2014 by cousins Bruce Brewski and Bobby Brewski the brokerage is a pioneer in the domain industry. The Brewski Bros realized the importance […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. : Another brokered #domain sale is a premium domain that was sold late last year, according to our research. In late 2020, the domain was under exclusive brokerage by The domain was acquired by BuyersRoad Inc., a software company in California. Their brand changed from Social Survey to Experience, and acquiring the matching .com domain was a […]

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#NameExperts brokerage offers strong roster of #domains for sale

NameExperts founder, Joe Uddeme, has successfully closed over $80 million dollars sales, with premium domains like,, and Founded in 2009, NameExperts retains a strong roster of domain names for sale and we just had to take a look at the current list. Here’s a partial list of domain names currently being […]

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Video: Dave Evanson of Sedo discusses #domain sales at #NamesCon Online

NamesCon Online 2021 continued today, with many new sessions covering subjects that every domain investor should stay informed on. In one of the sessions—State of the Industry / Brokers —DNJournal founder Ron Jackson, held a great discussion that included Dave Evanson, senior domain broker for The other participants were expert domain brokers Jen Sale […]

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Domain brokers with Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail accounts: GTFO!

If you are to be taken seriously as a domain name broker, the single most important offense is related to your email address. Imagine applying for a job with a random address on a free email provider – applicants such as or would be considered a no-no. In a similar fashion, domain brokers […]

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