Domaining: An “unethical business” ?

Happy New Year!

As a community of domain investors colloquially referred to as “domainers,” there are times when outsiders target us.

It’s not just the lack of knowledge about the mechanics of domain investing; quite often, these accusations and epithets fly due to underlying malicious intent.

Common references to “not adding value” due to holding domains for their potential and intrinsic value, are often peppered with unsupported accusations, “cybersquatting” being one of several.

Jordi Gasull of NameAgency addressed these issues today, by delivering a few important insights about how he and his company address such attacks on the domain investing and brokering business.

Said Jordi:

“Owning a memorable and relevant domain can be akin to owning a prime piece of property in the virtual landscape. If there is a legitimate market for real estate, there’s also a legitimate market for domain names. Both are tradable assets. [..]

Responsible and ethical domain investors play a role in facilitating transactions that match owned domains with businesses looking to enhance their online presence, thus generating economic activity, including fees for registrars and marketplaces, legal services, escrow services, etc. This can contribute to job creation and economic growth.

It’s well worth reading Jordi Gasull’s complete insight via this Twitter post.

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