Tracy Fogarty: Domain names have power!

Tracy Fogarty

Domain names represent destinations on the internet and identify companies, their brands, and their services.

It’s unthinkable to launch a company or a brand these days without a domain name. Not impossible, but pointless; domain names are needed to empower the impact and longevity of brands.

In that sense, domain names have power.

This exact phrase is also a statement by established domain broker, Tracy Fogarty of

Tracy has been involved in numerous brokered domain sales and numerous others that shall remain behind an NDA. As the founder of Enaming, Tracy takes her work very seriously.

An example of a brokered domain name is Tracy has created a dedicated landing page that explains to all potential buyers the qualities of the domain name that she’s brokering. Connecting with potential buyers via LinkedIn is one great choice.

And that’s not all!

Not only has Tracy registered the domain which she uses as a forward, she has also registered the trademark DOMAIN NAMES HAVE POWER with the USPTO.

That’s how it’s done, folks. 🙂

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One Response to “Tracy Fogarty: Domain names have power!”
  1. BullS says:

    As I said many times- express yourself via Domain Names and Domain Names have meaning

    yes Domains Have Power!!


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