Drew Rosener: It’s my way or Norway!

Domain investor and international travel guru, Drew Rosener, went on a lengthy monologue online earlier today.

Drew Rosener – Media Options.

Identifying domain investments as “god’s unique gift to humans,” the founder of Media Options pointed out what makes him better than anyone else in the domain investors’ community:

Quite often I get asked, Drew, what is it that you do that makes you feel on top of the world? I get it, not everyone can have the mindset of a demi-god and I am about to give you expert advice just on that.

I associate everything in life with domains. I was visiting Thailand and its glorious cultural heritage – not to mention, the outrageously phenomenal cuisine – and someone tipped me on the availability of Thailand.org in a Sedo auction.

Without wasting time, I bid a nice yet not round $10,500 dollars on this fine domain. I didn’t win it, as someone else who did not happen to be enjoying a double O-Liang, relaxing on Ko Samui as I did, bid $500 dollars more. I believe my time connecting with the universe is more valuable, thank you very much.

In life and in domain life, my mantra is simple though: It’s my way or noway. I mean, Norway. Which reminds me that I’m currently brokering the matching domain name, Norway.com, exclusively. It’s a million dollar domain and you’d be crazy not to buy it.

See you later from Koh Khai Nai beach. Much love, Drew.

If you want to experience what creates Drew Rosener’s proximity to the cosmos, go here.

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