Bill Sweetman on ‘consumer-oriented’ domain registrars and security

The “email-gate” involving Hillary Clinton’s decision to use her own domain name for email, hasn’t ended yet. In fact, the bubble is still expanding, as more details are becoming available; more domain industry players are caught in the game. The target is now Network Solutions, where was registered. Non-industry coverage is now drilling the […]

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Bill Sweetman – the original Name Ninja – has created a funny ‘cartoon’ video visualizing the annoying inquiries domain owners receive for premium domains. Living in a lowballer’s world is tough, and this particular video captures the spirit of such inquiries domain investors receive – some of which are in the $50 dollar range for […]

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NameNinja to launch .RobFord as dot .com domains become worthless

Leveraging the constant drop in dot .com domain values, Bill Sweetman, president of Name Ninja announced the immediate rollout of the premium gTLD extension, .RobFord. “It’s time to stop the .com gravy train and offer an affordable domain name for the common man,” said Name Ninja President Bill Sweetman, a respected domain name expert. “Few Canadian […]

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Kill Bill 3 – Part One: Name Ninja against the igloo man

The fortune cookie from the Giant Panda Chinese delivery was definitely planted; or was fate playing a trick on him? Bill Sweetman read it again, as if to make sure the words would not fade away. “Bald man in igloo put price on your head. Eliminate before too late. Have nice day.” It was hard […]

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