Kill Bill 3 – Part One: Name Ninja against the igloo man

Kill Bill 3.

Kill Bill 3.

The fortune cookie from the Giant Panda Chinese delivery was definitely planted; or was fate playing a trick on him?

Bill Sweetman read it again, as if to make sure the words would not fade away.

“Bald man in igloo put price on your head. Eliminate before too late. Have nice day.”

It was hard to swallow, but it seemed that competition in the domain name business was getting out of hand. Someone was apparently trying to scare him, so that he’d ditch all pending deals and go hiding in the mountains.

But Bill was born a fighter, picking fights since the tender age of kindergarten, then he became a true ninja. Years of training with the best Japanese martial arts experts were followed by three classified missions with the Canadian Highlanders in Nepal – the elite force that took no prisoners.

“I’m coming to get you, my igloo friends. Nobody messes with the Name Ninja!”

He pressed a button under his desk and the tall mahogany bookcase rotated on its axis, revealing a secret passage. Once behind the walls of his office, Bill gathered his carefully stacked ninja gear and swiftly started dressing up.

He put on the black shirt and loose pants, the shuriken belt, the soft, split hoof shoes and lastly, the ninja mask.

“Looking good, Bill, looking good”, he said, taking a look in the dressing mirror. “Now let’s go kick some igloo ass.”

He exited into the night, carrying with him a large bamboo stick with razor sharp edges. Whoever had put a price on Bill’s head was going to pay a dear price for his foolishness.

~To be continued…

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