Neustar : Dot .NYC #domain auction was a success

Neustar shared with us a partial list of the Travel and Tourism auction results for the .NYC gTLD, which completed a few days ago. Neustar is a premium sponsor of A total of 19 .NYC domains were sold, of which 16 were auctioned off, and 3 were sold using the BIN pricing function. The […]

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Wasnt .com : #Domain name sold at #Sedo for low four figures

What’s the point of documenting the sale of a domain name that wasn’t a .com, you might ask. But wait, that’s not what this article is all about. In this case, a Sedo auction featuring the domain name ended with a winner yesterday. Registered all the way back in 1999, the single word .com […]

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Fake or natural ones? Which #domain name is more valuable?

When it comes down to fake versus natural ones, there is no consensus among men. Some prefer the beauty of natural breasts regardless of size, others seem to be infatuated with the symmetry and voluminous perfection of fake boobs. Women that tend to have breast augmentation or reduction surgeries to change their natural look, do […]

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#Samoa to be underwater in 2099 but its .WS #domains are safe

Samoa, the Pacific Island that uses the .WS ccTLD for its domains, faces an uncertain future. At the rate that global temperatures are rising, polar ice will be increasing the water levels, potentially covering most of the Pacific islands. By 2099, the world will be facing a lot of migration to higher ground, and even […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. : Generic #domain auction sees lots of activity on #NameJet is being auctioned on NameJet; the generic, aged .com domain has attracted lots of activity among domain investors, and hopefully, end-user buyers. Registered in 1997, has a solid six figure valuation; Estibot places its value at $180,000 dollars, approximately. Nice! With just one day to go, the auction has attracted several bidders […]

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GreatDomains auction : Get on the Sedo tour bus

Sponsor: Sedo* GreatDomains is a week-long domain auction by Sedo, and once again it’s a carefully hand-curated selection of domains. Instead of throwing out quantity, Sedo is auctioning off 25 domains that appeal to all tastes and locales. There are LLL .com domains, single character .AT domains popular with Austrians and global entrepreneurs alike, and […]

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Sedo : GreatDomains June auction is now live

Sponsored by Sedo* The GreatDomains June auction by Sedo is now live, with a nice lineup of domain keywords, generics and short domain names. There are 62 domain names total on that list, and too many good ones to choose from. Still, our selection of 10 domains from the June GreatDomains auction reflects our personal […]

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Sedo Great Domains auction : has been sold

The Sedo Great Domains auction for April is over, and has been sold to the highest bidder. The auction for attracted 12 bids from 5 bidders, with the winner forking out $30,999 dollars for the domain. was registered in 1996, making it a 21 year old, three-letter .com domain. Considering that W, […]

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Sedo sale of ѕех.com did not go through

Sedo auctioned off the domain ѕех.com a few days ago; despite quite a bit of interest and a closing of $4,600 dollars, the domain has not changed hands. Sometimes it takes a bit of time, but in this case it seems that whoever bid $4,600 dollars for the domain ѕех.com – an IDN domain – […]

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Flippa auctions the ultimate “F-Word” Trump domain!

Domain auction platform, Flippa, is currently auctioning a fun “F-Word” domain related to US President, Donald Trump. In fact, it’s the ultimate such domain, With just two days left until the end of the auction, this 2011 registration is listed at $2,000 dollars currently, with eight bids. The auction for has a reserve, […]

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The premium domain is now part of a premium group of domains to be auctioned between May 7 – May 28. The online domain auction is organized by Domaining Europe in cooperation with With a reserve of 3.5 million EUR, the popular spelling of “whisky” finds great company along the following domains: […]

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ѕех.com in auction at Sedo – how much will it sell for?

The domain name ѕех.com is now listed for sale at Sedo, with less than 10 hours to go. Many domain investors looking for adult domain names might be attracted to the raw simplicity of the most sought-after element in life: Sex. And yet, this domain, that boasts 703 offer views and 43 bids, is in […]

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