GoDaddy NameFind auctions: Game over!

Late last year, GoDaddy listed a good chunk of its NameFind portfolio for sale, in an extended auction event that spanned the better part of December.

The GoDaddy Auctions involving previously expensive or unavailable NameFind domains did well: Domains were bid on and some were eventually cherry-picked after the end of the auction.

On December 29, 2023, GoDaddy Auctions, on its Twitter account, listed several dozen domains that carried a BIN price. The domains’ landers did not display the acquisition price so one had to go search for the domain at to see the BIN, in typical GD fashion.

Yesterday, a domain investor and GoDaddy auctions bidder ran into a snafu after attempting to acquire the domain based on its listed price: $1,999 dollars. While he wasted time fiddling with the payment options available, GoDaddy changed the domain’s price to a whopping $34,999 dollars.

We aren’t sure when that price change took place exactly but other domains, such as, moved up into the five figure range as before. One could have bought for a dollar short of $2k but that price is now moved up considerably. Hell, we don’t love cats that much.

Obviously, reverting to the previous prices or increasing the prices even was to be expected; the “GoDaddy Christmas Extravaganza” sale lasted only until the end of 2023 and one shouldn’t expect such discounted pricing indefinitely.

With GoDaddy prepping up for its Q4/2023 and year 2023 financial reports next month, it’s widely anticipated that revenue from its NameFind portfolio mega-sale will contribute to a healthier final quarter in 2023.

See you again in December 2024 for more NameFind auctions! 🙂

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