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#Montar .com : Spanish dictionary word #domain sent to the #WIPO

Montar.com is a 2002 domain registration, owned by NameFind LLC – that’s the GoDaddy subsidiary managing the company’s domain inventory. The word “montar” means “to mount” in Spanish, and the Respondent in this case used this fact to defend ownership of the domain against the Complainant, Montar A/S of Bjert, Denmark. The Respondent does not […]

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#GDAX domain typo is killing it; what’s its #Afternic price?

If you trade cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and LTC on Coinbase, you’re probably using its sister site, GDAX.com. The GDAX marketplace commands an insane amount of daily traffic, and according to Alexa it ranks at #199 in the US and #643 globally. A common anagram typo that we personally fat-finger often, is GADX.com – […]

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GoDaddy is the “Master of your Domain” and it’s up for sale

GoDaddy, the biggest domain registrar in the world, independently operates a portfolio of acquired domains. Namefind LLC, the GoDaddy domain portfolio managers, is a domain concierge service that operates outside of the usual GoDaddy aftermarket. Those of us old enough to remember the “Master of your Domain” episode from the Seinfeld comedy series, probably looked […]

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