A unicorn AI company and their top two domains

Anthropic PBC, a US-based AI startup established in 2021, is pioneering research in artificial intelligence with a unique focus on public benefit. Their mission? To delve into the depths of AI systems, probing their safety boundaries at the forefront of technology. Anthropic indicates a relationship to humans, as the word “anthropos” (άνθρωπος) refers to the […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. NameFind sold domain but “The Messenger” shut down

The Messenger, a digital news startup that began in May 2023, is closing down due to financial challenges. Led by Jimmy Finkelstein, former owner of The Hollywood Reporter and The Hill, The Messenger aimed to offer comprehensive, unbiased, non-partisan, and timely news coverage in response to the prevailing issues of bias and misinformation. Despite its […]

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GoDaddy NameFind auctions: Game over!

Late last year, GoDaddy listed a good chunk of its NameFind portfolio for sale, in an extended auction event that spanned the better part of December. The GoDaddy Auctions involving previously expensive or unavailable NameFind domains did well: Domains were bid on and some were eventually cherry-picked after the end of the auction. On December […]

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GoDaddy NameFind auctions: BIN price added to domains at year’s end!

In mid-December, GoDaddy auctioned off a tiny portion of its NameFind portfolio of domain names. These domains were acquired over the years at various times, such as the Marchex and Elite Domains portfolios along with that of Frank Schilling’s. If you think that the auctioned domains were not exactly spectacular, you are not alone. The […]

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Rick Schwartz grabs as a fresh acquisition

Rick Schwartz, the Domain King, knows how to spot a quality domain; is now his latest acquisition. Rick grabbed, the plural of “fool”, from the NameFind inventory of auctioned domain names. Registered in 1998, was part of the Vertical Axis portfolio acquired by GoDaddy for up to $50 million dollars, along with […]

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GoDaddy + Namefind domain auctions: Wow or meh?

GoDaddy executives found a new, creative way to add more revenue to the year’s books, by rolling out a series of weekly domain auctions. Pulled from the million-plus strong domain portfolio of Namefind, the repository of GoDaddy-owned domains, these auctions are taking place on GoDaddy (beta) Auctions. A few dozen domains each week add up, […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : NameFind won UDRP with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding

The domain name faced a UDRP filed by Cappuccine Specialties, Inc. The dispute led to a decision by the three member WIPO panel ordering the domain to remain with the Respondent, NameFind – managers of the GoDaddy portfolio of domains. They also found the Complainant guilty of engaging in Reverse Domain Name Hijacking: The […]

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GoDaddy allegedly promotes self-owned, trademark domains on its search tool

A domain investor demonstrated results produced by the GoDaddy domain search tool and two things stand out: GoDaddy-owned domains and trademark violations. In a Twitter thread, the search performed is that of “Crystal” with the GoDaddy results containing a prompt to perform a brokered “acquisition” of priced at $69.99 dollars. It also displays a […]

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Alina Kabaeva: Putin’s secret girlfriend domain in the hands of #NameFind

Who the hell is Alina Kabaeva? According to reports from various news networks, it’s Vladimir Putin‘s secret girlfriend. The Russian president was married until 2014 and apparently kept things “on the side.” Alina Kabaeva is a Russian politician, media manager and retired individual rhythmic gymnast. As she’s directly connected to the most despised man in […]

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Did GoDaddy sell for less than $20,000 dollars?

The GoDaddy appraisal tool produces its domain valuation reports by using a “secret sauce” algorithm. Every time you end up on the GoDaddy appraisal tool, perhaps after googling “Domain appraisal,” the following message is hiding behind an alert icon: GoDaddy estimates the value of each domain by looking at millions of historical domain name sales. […]

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Wordle domains: #Fetus is a taboo word, apparently, but is for sale

The popular word game Wordle has a pre-determined array of words built in; one of them is “fetus.” Recently leaked news about the potential attempt to overturn Roe vs. Wade at the Supreme Court have raised the temperature of existing debates. Women’s rights to an abortion involve the definition of a “fetus” and in the […]

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#Moonbirds: NFT craze creates swarm of scam #domain registrations

Moonbirds is the the latest and biggest NFT launch on OpenSea, featuring 10,000 birds drawn with 8-bit nostalgia style graphics. Combining the Punks and the Apes in terms of attitude, Moonbirds have attracted fresh blood to the NFT arena. Hey, if you have money to spend, who are we to tell you where to put […]

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