A unicorn AI company and their top two domains

Anthropic PBC, a US-based AI startup established in 2021, is pioneering research in artificial intelligence with a unique focus on public benefit.

Their mission? To delve into the depths of AI systems, probing their safety boundaries at the forefront of technology. Anthropic indicates a relationship to humans, as the word “anthropos” (άνθρωπος) refers to the human species; the word literally means “he who looks up” as opposed to the behavior of low-looking animals.

Through this exploration, they aim to craft and deploy models that are not just powerful, but safe and reliable, serving the public interest. Among their notable achievements is the development of Claude, a series of large language models (LLMs) and a competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini.

On March 27, 2024, Amazon fulfilled its commitment to Anthropic, injecting an additional $2.75 billion into the company. This move marked the completion of their prior agreement, bringing Amazon’s total investment in Anthropic to a substantial $4 billion dollars.

Anthropic operates from the domain name – their most valuable domain name.

There are no records about the domain acquisition cost, but we do know that, registered in 2001, was in the possession of GoDaddy’s NameFind. The latter acquired the domain at the point of its portfolio acquisition of Vertical Axis for several million dollars.

So which is the second most important domain that Anthropic owns?

Our research shows that it has to be A misanthrope is a hater of humans and humanity so it’s a fun statement seeing how Anthropic owns the sole most negative term related to its mission! 🙂 That domain, however, does not resolve. was also acquired from NameFind’s portfolio of domains and a former Marchex domain, registered in 2000.

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