Get $20 dollars as a gift : Cloudname in partnership with Unstoppable Domains!

Beginning on July 13th, Cloudname and Unstoppable Domains will work closely together, making domain trading more convenient than ever. The two platforms have decided to combine their strengths:

  • Cloudname is the house of domains, the first platform to integrate the primary and secondary domains market in one single platform. Users can list, buy and sell both Web3 (aka NFT) and traditional domains, simply by connecting their MetaMask to pay with crypto, or trade with Fiat currencies.
  • Unstoppable Domains (UD) is the leading company in the Web3 domain industry. Users can buy and mint their own crypto domains on the blockchain. Among the UD extensions users can find .crypto, .nft and .blockchain. The crypto domains represent a new digital identity in the Web3 world!

To celebrate the beginning of the partnership, Cloudname is giving away $20 dollar coupons for all its users to buy one or several Unstoppable Domains. The time is right for this, considering that the market for Web3 domains has just started to gain momentum.

Note: This is a promotional post sponsored by Cloudname.

Here is how you can claim your $20 dollar coupon now:

  • Register on Cloudname
  • Save the $20 dollar coupon you receive via email for July 13th
  • Visit the Cloudname marketplace and pick the UD domain(s) you prefer
  • Add them to your cart & enter your discount code

Buying a domain is easier than ever: No need to have a wallet, just buy it as any product at your favorite online shop.

Register on Cloudname and get your $20 dollar coupon for the UD domain drop on July 13th!

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