Freename: Web3 domain pioneer raised $2.5 million in seed funding round

Freename AG, the Swiss-based powerhouse in the world of Web3 Domains and TLDs, just scored big in its latest funding round, securing $2.5 million dollars in investments, a resounding vote of confidence from VCs and angel investors who believe in the Web3 revolution. This cash injection is set to turbocharge Freename’s growth and supercharge the […]

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Crypto-Payments with Freename, ENS and Unstoppable Domains

Payments with Freename, ENS and Unstoppable Domains Freename continues to create ripples in the blockchain industry. After offering crypto domains for sale, Freename is now here with its latest offering that allows users to make crypto transactions. So, what is the entire deal all about? How can you pay with Freename? Let’s find answers to […]

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#Web3 special: Freename offering 50% off #NFT domains and TLDs for the Christmas Holidays!

Get 50% off on NFT Domains and TLDs at & a free Web3 domain with promo code “XMAS50” from December 19th to 31st. Note: This is paid advertising. Freename is the Web3 naming platform that allows users to register and mint their own unique Web3 domains and TLDs. Get 50% off on by […]

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Unstoppable Domains have been changing the domain name paradigm with a range of Web3 TLDs, operating from the domain These NFT domains as Unstoppable Domains call them, exist on the blockchain for the following extensions: .crypto .nft .x .wallet .bitcoin .dao .888 .zil .blockchain Whether you’re a fan or a foe of the Unstoppable […]

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EnCirca: AltRoots search engine will monitor trademarks on the #blockchain

EnCirca announced the launch of AltRoots, the first trademark search engine for blockchain domains. Operating from the domain name, EnCirca’s AltRoots Trademark Search Engine helps brand owners monitor and secure decentralized Web and Metaverse domains. According to the press release: AltRoots enables brand trademark owners to monitor potential trademark infringement and secure their own […]

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Get $20 dollars as a gift : Cloudname in partnership with Unstoppable Domains!

Beginning on July 13th, Cloudname and Unstoppable Domains will work closely together, making domain trading more convenient than ever. The two platforms have decided to combine their strengths: Cloudname is the house of domains, the first platform to integrate the primary and secondary domains market in one single platform. Users can list, buy and sell […]

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Web3 #domain squatting a real problem

Riding on the NFT craze arrives the so-called Web3 domain name squatting. Numerous non-official TLDs that exist on the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) blockchain are being registered and that’s a good thing. What’s not so good is the high number of trademark and brand infringements that take place in that namespace. Popular companies, their products […]

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