reported as sold for $129,000 dollars via

The domain name has been reported as sold on the platform. The domain was acquired by a platform for NFT art creators. Although the sales price was set at $129,000 dollars, the buyer opted for a LTO acquisition over the course of 5 years. The seller is CEO, Kellie Peterson, who shared […]

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Afternic rolls out series of NFT images with important domain data

New press release from Afternic this fine Monday morning: Afternic, the popular domain name marketplace, has just shared an eye-catching chart that highlights the usage of top-level domains. And the results are in: .com is king, taking up an unsurprising 90% of the data! We knew it was popular, but we didn’t realize it was […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. 9GAG community acquired domain, filed for trademark registration

Hong Kong based 9GAG Limited, operators of meme heaven 9GAG, have filed for the registration of the mark HOLDERS.COM at the USPTO. The company owns the domain, which plans to develop into yet another meme-sharing paradise. The intend-to-use application was filed for the following products and services, related to Web3, NFT, and crypto (partial […]

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Epic MAGA: launches Donald Trump’s NFT

Not a joke: Former US President, Donald Trump, has launched his official NFT via the web site These aren’t physical collectibles; they are non-fungible tokens, each with Donald Trump depicted as a superhero or other digitally-created artwork. The domain name was registered in July at and although content takes a long time to […]

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Crypto and NFT: Keyword analysis of domain name registrations

In recent months, the record growth of crypto and NFT came to a halt, reversing the course of interest in these keywords as far as domain registrations go. Expert analysis from InterNetX sought to shed light on and understand how the market is moving, by researching and analyzing domains containing the keywords “crypto” and “NFT.” […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. applied to register the matching mark as #NFT and #crypto tokens

Candy Digital, Inc., operators of the premium domain name, have applied for the registration of the matching mark, CANDY.COM, at the USPTO. The application was filed with an intent to use clause, for a range of NFT and other token-related products and services: Providing an on-line marketplace for buyers and sellers of digital currency […]

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EnCirca: AltRoots search engine will monitor trademarks on the #blockchain

EnCirca announced the launch of AltRoots, the first trademark search engine for blockchain domains. Operating from the domain name, EnCirca’s AltRoots Trademark Search Engine helps brand owners monitor and secure decentralized Web and Metaverse domains. According to the press release: AltRoots enables brand trademark owners to monitor potential trademark infringement and secure their own […]

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Mint an Ass dot com email address for 0.03 ETH!, Rick Schwartz’s former domain/joint venture, is now an NFT project in beta. Offering a total of 10,000 email addresses under the domain might make some guffaw, but in the era of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens this is actually quite smart. The project isn’t going full-force currently, offering only a subset of the […]

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Get $20 dollars as a gift : Cloudname in partnership with Unstoppable Domains!

Beginning on July 13th, Cloudname and Unstoppable Domains will work closely together, making domain trading more convenient than ever. The two platforms have decided to combine their strengths: Cloudname is the house of domains, the first platform to integrate the primary and secondary domains market in one single platform. Users can list, buy and sell […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Trademark applications focus on #crypto and #NFT services

The operators of, the online retail company that still uses as its shortcut, have filed several trademark applications for OVERSTOCK.COM. Filed with an “intent to use” clause, the text mark applications cover the following products and services: Financial services, featuring, electronic transfer of crypto assets and digital tokens On-line non downloadable virtual goods […]

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Did sell for $50,000 dollars?

A rug pull is a malicious maneuver in the cryptocurrency industry where crypto developers abandon a project and run away with investors’ funds. The same definition applies to NFT project operators that abandon the project soon after its launch; the floor price or minimum selling price of the NFT then plummets. The matching domain name […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Domain auction scores highest L-LL .com sale ever

The domain auction for closed earlier today on DropCatch, achieving what appears to be the highest sale of a L-LL .com ever. Consisting of a letter, a dash, and two letters, sold for $32,460 dollars. That’s thirty grand and some change. Visually, if one were to remove the dash, spells out NFT, […]

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