Afternic rolls out series of NFT images with important domain data

New press release from Afternic this fine Monday morning:

Afternic, the popular domain name marketplace, has just shared an eye-catching chart that highlights the usage of top-level domains. And the results are in: .com is king, taking up an unsurprising 90% of the data! We knew it was popular, but we didn’t realize it was that popular.

In fact, the chart was so impressive, being accepted by the domain investor community as a useful depiction of domain statistics,  that we’ve decided to turn it into the seed of NFT images.

That’s right, we’re jumping on the blockchain bandwagon and creating a limited series of 10,000 digital images that will be auctioned off to domain name investors. And with a starting price of just ETH 0.01, these NFTs are sure to be a steal!

So, if you’re a domain name investor who loves a good laugh and wants to own a piece of internet history, keep an eye out for our upcoming NFT auction.

And who knows, maybe one day your grandkids will look back at your NFT collection and marvel at the fact that you own a chart depicting the overwhelming dominance of .com.

It’s definitely an amazing opportunity to utilize meaningful domain metrics curated and provided by Afternic, turning them into high quality, functional art.

If you want to be part of the Afternic NFT launch go to to claim your own pieces.

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