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“Reserve met” notice removed from #Ethereum dot .com lander

A few months ago we noted that Ethereum.com, a domain registered in 2011, posted a notice worth $10 million dollars: “Reserve Reached.” That notice has now been removed, as the most recent screenshot from Ethereum.com shows. Was that $10 million dollar offer retracted, or were the sellers – whoever they are – looking to get […]

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Bullshit #blockchain project on #Baidu .bot #domain called out by #WIPO panelist

If you register the domain of a famous brand, such as Baidu, better check your bullshit factor at the door. The domain Baidu.bot, a direct reference to the Chinese search engine’s online “robot,” is being turned into some type of pseudo-cryptocurrency project. These days, crypto projects are a dime a dozen, and anyone can pop […]

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