UDRP Respondent wants his money back after losing case

Payoneer, Inc., filed a UDRP against the domain, to protect its brand and trademark. The domain was registered late last year and it’s a direct infringement of the Payoneer brand. It was a lost case from the beginning and particularly after the Pakistani Respondent claimed that he had spent $2,500 dollars on the (hand-registered) […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Loser of UDRP “forced” to change their corporate name

A year ago, the double UDRP against the domains and ended with a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. The Respondent in that case seized the opportunity to educate others on the lack of merits on the case, by providing updates on and Apparently, after losing the case, the Complainant HSIL […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Domain in #UDRP filing existed in 1994

A domain investor holding since its registration in 2003, successfully defended it via the UDRP process. Camco Manufacturing LLC filed the UDRP with the Forum (NAF) to usurp the domain, claiming rights in the name since 2007. The domain’s registrant describes himself as a professional who “buys, sells, markets, develops, promotes and advertises generic, […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Aged #domain name scores UDRP victory is a domain name registered in 2001 and its Korean registrant is in the business of buying and selling domains. He wants $100k for A Spanish company filed a UDRP to usurp, on the basis of a Spanish trademark. Plásticos FACA, S.A. has been in the business of manufacturing high-end plastic containers […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. registrant won #UDRP with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking decision

The registrant of the aged three letter domain,, scored a big victory at the Forum (NAF) against a company that attempted to usurp the domain via the UDRP process. Registered in 1994, has been in the possession of the Respondent since, as registered agent of a company named Altadena Instruments Corporation, developers of […]

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Man.Energy #UDRP failed as another man claimed the #domain first

When you brand yourself with an extremely common word, such as “man,” it’s quite possible that your mark is not that unique. In the case of the domain Man.Energy, a new gTLD, the registrant successfully blocked a German company’s attempts to claim exclusive rights to the MAN brand. The ensuing UDRP was filed by Man […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. A 22-year-old #domain was lost via the #UDRP process! went after, a domain name registered in 2000 by filing a UDRP. The decision might send chills across the spine of domain owners that are in the possession of the “4” variant of domains, as a substitute for “for.” The WIPO decision is based on the way panelists see new ownership in a […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Doctor lost UDRP over #domain he bought at GoDaddy

The domain name was registered in 2002 and it was sold via GoDaddy to a dentist’s practice on June 10, 2021. Arjang Raoufinia DDS established a temporary website to create a dental services subscription plan for new and existing patients lacking dental insurance. Henry Schein One LLC, is a UK, Australia, and New Zealand […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. won UDRP filed against and here’s why is an online marketplace for second hand merchandise such as clothing. The company has a large followship and has trademarked its VINTED brand. It filed a UDRP against the domain and although the two brands seem distinct, the Respondent’s domain is attempting to pass off as Vinted and confuse the consumer: very similar […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Dutch UDRP respondent wins Reverse Domain Name Hijacking decision

Acquiring the aged domain name via the UDRP process became the “Plan B” of Ecostream LLC. Formed as a business enterprise under the name EcoStream LLC on November 14, 2013, the Complainant provides water management and hydrocarbon reclamation services. They began using the ECOSTREAM mark to market its services on June 29, 2016. Meanwhile, […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. German company fails to usurp aged domain

Bette GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, filed a UDRP to usurp the aged domain Registered in 1998, is parked at Sedo and it’s a female’s name. The Complainant operates from since 2019, and in 2015 offered 1,000 euro in exchange for the domain, all while threatening the domain’s registrant; the Respondent owns […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. lost via the UDRP process to .io registrant

The registrant of lost it via the UDRP process, following a decision that favored the Complainant, Minnow IT Ltd, United Kingdom. The latter is an operator of the domain, among others. Key factor in this decision is the timing of the acquisition of the domain in 2021, all while the Complainant established rights […]

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