Korean mega-domainer lost UDRP filed by French company

A Korean mega-domainer with almost 40,000 registered domains suffered a French defeat over; a French company claiming rights to the STYLAGE mark filed a UDRP. The domain was picked up via DropCatch in 2017, after the auction’s winner spent $1,005 dollars. Source: NameBio. Prior to the drop, the domain was in the possession […]

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The domain name was registered in 1999; Fitness Anywhere LLC filed a UDRP to usurp this aged, valuable LLL .com. Citing rights to the TRX mark since “at least 2005,” the Complainant alleged that was acquired by the Respondent much later, in 2021 or 2022. WHOIS records indicate that the contact information was […]

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Trader Joe’s is an American chain of grocery stores headquartered in Monrovia, California. The chain has over 530 stores across the United States. The brand has a huge fan base and the groceries are often sought after in areas where there are no Trader Joe’s stores available. TRADER JOE’S is a registered trademark so when […]

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Redacted domain vs. redacted trademark in redacted UDRP due to porn

There are times when the domain name involved in a UDRP can be redacted per either party’s request. In the case of a redacted UDRP at the Forum (NAF) the Complainant’s name, the domain, and the trademark have all been redacted. The reason: The Respondent who is apparently Chinese, built a load of pornographic content […]

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Chainlink, a provider of smart contracts for the blockchain, operates from the domain name They have registered the marks CHAINLINK and LINK with the USPTO. The company filed a UDRP against the domain that according to the Complaint, competes and disrupts their services. The web site at doesn’t make it clear about […]

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Elliott Investment .com domain taken away via the UDRP process

Domain investing can be an intense business, as research of terms often leads to the willful or accidental registration of infringing domains. Staying away from these brand violations is a learned process, as many domain investors have come to find out. A UDRP case involving the domain resulted in a response by the Respondent, […]

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A lot of traction on the “meta” and “metaverse” trends have created ample demonstrated interest from global companies. Some are famously pushing forward with such entrance into the Web3 space, others are still holding off. Lack of action does not mean, however, that anyone can hop in and squat on famous marks, such as that […]

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Paying up for a domain in a NameJet auction, only to lose it a few months later isn’t great news. In the case of, it was sold for $1,718 dollars last December. Source: NameBio. CALPERS is an acronym for California Public Employees’ Retirement System and a registered trademark since 2001. The domain was in […]

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Famous trademarks such as LA-Z-BOY attract domain investors like flies to cow dung! The “art” of registering domain names that incorporate famous trademarks is lost in the mist of time and many domainers have gotten in deep poop for infringing on such trademarks. The very least you can lose is the domain and in the […]

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Meta domains: UDRP targeted 33 domains in 9 countries!

Meta, Inc., operators of the umbrella corporation running Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, have filed a UDRP targeting 33 “meta domains.” The number is not extreme as we’ve seen similar UDRPs in the past targeting dozens of domains en masse. What’s different in this case is the multiple Respondents from all over the world – a […]

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Poliedro is the name of a Brazilian company, founded in 1993; they have been using the domain since 1998. In Portuguese and Spanish, the word “poliedro” stands for “multi-faceted” as in the Greek word “polyhedron” – having many sides as a geometrical shape. Meanwhile, the domain name was registered in 2008; its registrant […]

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Google takes 21 years later

Google, the 800 lbs search engine gorilla, has taken over the domain It took 21 years and the use of the UDRP process to bring this 2001 registration home. Googling is the act of using Google to search for and find related results and “Googled” would be the past tense, however, this is a […]

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