Not so wyze: Chinese squatter lost UDRP for

The epitome of cybersquatting is when you take that infringing domain and monetize it by selling products that are knockoffs of these sold by the trademark holder. In the case of the domain, the Chinese squatter used the domain to sell knockoff products of Wyze Labs, creators of high-quality, easy-to-use smart home products under […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Equifax grabs seemingly generic domain via the UDRP process

Equifax filed a UDRP to usurp the seemingly generic, aged domain name Registered in 1998, displayed PPC ads that linked to services provided by competitors of Equifax. The Complainant operates from the domain and has registered the mark THE WORK NUMBER, effective in 1997. The sole panelist took all these facts under […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP: Trademarks, deepfakes, and a fake Netflix documentary

The registrant of the domain name was hit with a UDRP, filed by the International Olympic Committee. The Complainant is notoriously protective of their marks and in this case the underlying details are rather interesting. A film named “Olympus Has Fallen” is a political thriller that was shot a decade ago. In the case […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. A 19 year old typo-domain gets snatched by automaker

The registrant of the domain held it for 19 years; in a recent UDRP filed by the Italian automaker, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., the Complainant succeeded in snatching the aged domain name. Typo-domains such as generate traffic from fat-fingering the Lamborghini domain name. As the letters N and M are next to each other, […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Aussie buyer of domain got smoked in UDRP filed by Kiwi corp

Mrvapes Australia Limited established their brand, MRVAPES, in New Zealand. It has been trading under that name since 2018, eventually branching off to Australia in 2022, where it applied for the mark’s registration. The latter was granted in 2023. Meanwhile, the domain was registered in 2012 but was acquired in 2022 by an Australian. […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP: Namesilo threatened with “retaliation”

In 2020, the registrant of the domain name received a C&D notice from Namecheap, sent via the domain’s previous registrar, Namesilo. The domain was suspended and in the process, the registrant threatened to retaliate against Namesilo, after building a web site passing off as Namecheap. Later on, the domain was unsuspended and subsequently, it […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. wins UDRP against despite Respondent’s gallant effort

The registrant of tried it all: They hired an attorney to defend the UDRP filing asserting that the Complainant’s trademark has succumbed to “genericide.” Facts, however, show that the SCREENCAST mark, registered in 2018, is alive and well, along with the active domain, operated by the TechSmith Corporation that has owned the .com […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. lost in UDRP debate between company’s officers

The domain was lost via the UDRP process, after the company’s CEO was given the go-ahead to get the domain back from the former CTO. appears to have been acquired by the CTO while he was actively with the company, for the sum of $15,000 dollars. According to the UDRP, he kept the […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Tencent won UDRP as Chinese Respondent’s claims were ridiculous

Tencent Holdings is a huge Chinese company and WeChat is China’s most popular app for instant messaging, social media, and mobile payment app. First released in 2011, it became the world’s largest standalone mobile app in 2018 with over 1 billion monthly active users. The WeChat brand and trademark are thus well-known in China; the […]

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Adobe grabs via the UDRP process

An Indian “Photoshop Instructor” jumped in and registered the domain on March 17, 2023. Four days later, Adobe introduced Firefly, a new family of creative generative AI models, focused on the generation of images and text effects. It must have been insider information, no doubt; registering a domain containing the famous Adobe mark sounds […]

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Italians took from the Chinese using the UDRP process

Italian footwear company, Aku Italia S.R.L., won the UDRP it filed against the Chinese registrant of the domain name The Complainant’s brand was launched 40 years ago. Lacking a response from the domain’s registrant, the Forum panel accepted the Complainant’s statement that they operate in China with a registered mark for AKU since 2005, […]

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Stericycle gets (reg: 1999) in strange UDRP decision

A company called Stericycle, Inc., filed a UDRP to usurp the domain name The reason: Claims of alleged common law rights to the STERICORP brand. The UDRP does not make it clear how this is established. The Respondent appears to have acquired the domain name in when it expired, around 2018. In fact, the domain […]

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