lost to holders of newer domain

The domain name was registered in 2012, providing services that recreate photographs as an oil painting. The registrant, Albert Cheng, indicated that the domain was registered in 2009: “if you check my domain history, my domain was registered on 2/1/2009.  the litigants was registered 4 years after mine.  I had already been using the name […]

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Opportunistic bad faith: lost via the UDRP process

When a company’s trademark expires, there’s opportunity for mischief, according to some. In the case of the domain name, the registrant took a chance with picking up the domain after Rush Street Interactive allowed its RUSHBET mark and the domain to lapse. The Complainant called this action “opportunistic bad faith” and the Forum (NAF) […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP: Respondent fat-fingers response in ALL CAPS

The UDRP filed against the domain is worth reading, as the respondent *could* claim fat-fingering the domain’s registration. After all, their unofficial response quickly jumped into an ALL CAPS tirade about “fraudulent” assignment of the domain by Microsoft. The domain is pointed on Microsoft Office DNS. The Complainant Verkada, Inc., operates from Here’s […]

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Lemonads beats Russian ops of

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or limonad, in Russian, and in the case of the domain the alternate spelling sent two parties spinning into UDRP space. Switzerland based Lemonads SA, operates from the domain to which it holds a matching mark in various markets. They filed a UDRP to get the […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved., a #domain registered in 1999, lost via the #UDRP process

The domain name was registered in 1999 and its registrant just experienced a fundamental flaw of the UDRP process. was first sold in late 2020 for $376 dollars via a NameJet auction (source: NameBio) but in 2021 it was sold again via the DAN platform, and was quickly built up to host services […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. #UDRP unveils common practice of subdomain squatting

Indeed, Inc. is the world’s largest job site, with over 200 million unique visitors every month from over 60 different countries. The UDRP filed against the domain name was triggered by a common practice, that of subdomain squatting. Indeed uses subdomains for its regional web sites and in the case of this UDRP filing […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. WIPO panelist sides with Complainant; 15 year old #domain is lost

The WIPO panelist in a UDRP filed against the aged (2006) domain name has delivered a decision favoring the Complainant. Cyrgo S.A.S., Colombia, filed the UDRP to reclaim the domain that WHOIS records show it owned in 2001. The Colombian company registered the domain in 1999 but it apparently lapsed in 2006. Since then, […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Two law firms go at it over Maven brand

Two law firms, one in Florida and another in California, engaged in a UDRP over the domain The Complainant, MAVEN IP , PA, is a law firm that provides legal services regarding intellectual property and is located in Florida. They hold trademark rights to the mark MAVEN. On the other hand, the Respondent is […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. No, “famous birthdays” is not a generic phrase

So you thought “famous birthdays” is a generic phrase you can monetize via a domain such as Think again. The mark FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS has been registered with the USPTO since 2012 and in the UDRP case of Famous Birthdays LLC vs. Rashed Hasan Akash it led to the Respondent’s loss. The Respondent ripped content […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. 14 years of PPC earnings ended with a #UDRP

Typo-domains can be huge money makers when parked with PPC providers. In the case of, the domain was registered in 2007 and was parked with adult content and PPC ads, originally at Sedo. The visual confusion between Pomhub and Pornhub, the adult content monolith, led its owners, Licensing IP International S.à.r.l., to file a […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Don’t use a brand’s fame to sell competitive products!

The domain faced a UDRP filed by Caterpillar Inc. of fame. The Complainant pointed out that the domain was used to promote and sell competitive products, all while displaying the CAT brand and mark. Indeed, as seen by the Respondent’s Facebook page, the majority of items for sale are not manufactured by Caterpillar. […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Social media titan won’t pay $2,000 for this #domain name

Facebook declined an offer to pay up $2,000 dollars for So is there a “Facebook coin” in the works? Most likely not, but the domain name contains the world famous Facebook mark, which led to the social media titan filing a UDRP against it. The decision was swift: transfer the domain to the […]

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