Single and a #Trump supporter? There’s a #dating site just for you

The ongoing controversy behind Donald Trump’s presidency has led many singles in the dating scene to add certain relationship disclaimers. It’s not uncommon to read profiles that contain anti-Trump statements such as, “if you voted for Trump move along,” or “if you’re a Trump supporter don’t bother.” Such statements have polarized the dating “game” and […]

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Guess who owns the @DonaldTrump account on #Instagram

Political figures with Instagram accounts can quickly amass tens of thousands of followers. In the case of a country leader, that number can turn into millions. US president, Donald Trump, has more than 8.3 million followers on Instagram, something he often boasts about. There is a problem, however, as Donald Trump’s Instagram account is “RealDonaldTrump” […]

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The Trump Organization owns 8 domain names that contain “maga”

Donald Trump’s Organization manages thousands of domains, some of which we shared in the past. Performing damage control, they also own several domains with negative terms, such as “sucks.” The Trump Organization also manages domain names related to the Trump family, but they don’t own the domain We ran a fresh report on the […]

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Facebook and politics : Mark Zuckerberg responds to Donald Trump’s tweet

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, just responded to claims made by president Donald Trump, that Facebook is “against him.” Trump’s tweet said: Facebook was always anti-Trump. The Networks were always anti-Trump hence, Fake News, @nytimes(apologized) & @WaPo were anti-Trump. Collusion? Mark Zuckerberg denied allegations of both pro-Trump or against-Trump bias, with the following statement: I want […]

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ICANN approves new gTLD Dot.ard for political domains

ICANN has approved the latest new gTLD, Dot .ard, an extension specifically for political domains with a conservative bias. Dot .ard was applied for by Donald Trump’s political campaign manager, to ensure that a recent epithet about the president remains under control. “Mr. President is aware of the ‘dotard’ allegations against him, by the Rocket […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. : Six figures to sell – but is it worth that much?

Fake this, fake that – Fake News. Donald Trump made the reference to unsavory coverage synonymous to “fake news,” and this won’t change any time soon. Major news networks, that are either liberal or neutral are tagged as “fake news” – but since when critical, objective response is fake? Regardless, this brave new political world […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. : Will it sell at Flippa?

Donald Trump’s “covfefe” tweet generated more than 12 million Google results, and plenty of domain registrations. The ultimate “prize” is of course, a domain that has been listed on Flippa for several days. Although there is a reserve involved, the auction ends in less than two days. With 12 bids and a current high […]

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There are now more than 1100 “Covfefe” registered domain names!

Covfefe, the incomprehensible tweet by Donald Trump, continues to claim digital victims. After the initial enumeration of the “Covfefe” domains that were registered, we ran an updated, comprehensive report. Using ZFBot, we queried its massive database of millions of registered domain names across thousands of TLDs, gTLDs and ccTLDs, for registrations that begin with or […]

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More than 150 “Covfefe” domains show state of the industry

More than 150 “Covfefe” domains were registered yesterday, after president Donald Trump tweeted about it. Whether a typo of “coverage” or a secret handshake keyword to the leaders of the still free world, Donald Trump’s tweet led to a brand new meme, breaking the Internet. According to ZFBot, 151 “Covfefe” domains were registered yesterday, across […]

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Domain Memes : Mar-a-Lago meets Montenegro at “Despicable .Me”

Domain Memes is a section on DomainGang meant to poke fun at a variety of domain industry situations; often crossing over to the real world, to emphasize funny or extraordinary elements of domain investing in a meme. This time around, it’s Donald Trump’s apparent shoving of the prime minister of Montenegro, at a NATO event […]

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#MDGA : Trump to launch domain appraisal services

Another day, another gallant attempt to “Make America Great Again;” the president, Donald Trump, is diversifying into domain appraisal services. You could say, Make Domaining Great Again. “I’m impressed with these domainer folks, very nice, very committed. I want to support them. They are great. They know what’s great for America. We’ll offer huge, huge […]

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World Hosting Days 2017 : WHD.Global created a fun video using “Donald Trump”

World Hosting Days 2017 is ante portas; Europe’s largest web hosting and cloud conference, WHD.Global, takes place between March 25-31 at the Europa Park, in Germany. Thousands of hosting, cloud and other related industry professionals are expected to attend. But that’s not all. The mother company of NamesCon has created a fun video, incorporating the […]

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