Should Dan remove domains infringing non-famous trademarks from its platform?

The marketplace is popular with domain investors even as the GoDaddy-owned brand raised its fees to 15%. Its terms of use, updated on February 1, 2023, note that “Client represents and warrants that it (i) has the full authority and all rights necessary to enter into and fully perform all if its obligations under […]

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ChatGPT responds to UDRP with solid RDNH references

ChatGPT is a popular AI chatbot that can engage in conversational, analytical exchanges. It does not substitute human activities, including the responses of legal advisors. Regardless, we gave ChatGPT (that is not operating from the domain the following task related to domain names and the UDRP process: Imagine you own the domain A […]

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The domain name was hit with a UDRP filed by Flutter Entertainment plc and Rational Intellectual Holdings Limited. The two companies are part of a multinational group that exploits the sports betting and gaming services under different brands such as PokerStars, Paddy Power, Fox Bet, Sky Betting, and Betfair. PokerStars is a registered trademark […]

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Chinese domain squatter: “Boost your online business & prevent the loss of customers”

A Chinese domain squatter (“cybersquatter“) lost a UDRP for several .CN domains matching the brands and other intellectual property of German pharma giant, Bayer. The UDRP was filed by Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, located in Germany, Bayer Intellectual Property GmbH, located in Germany, Bayer Consumer Care AG, located in Switzerland, Bayer Healthcare LLC, located in the United […]

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Brands: Intel processor’s new name is … “Intel Processor”

Technology giant, Intel, has given up the legendary brand “Pentium.” Almost 30 years after the introduction of the Pentium processor, Intel is dropping the name. Would the new generation CPUs be called Hexium? Not really. Intel decided to name its new CPU range “Intel Processor” emphasizing its corporate name for the 2022 and 2023 CPUs […]

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Defensive domain registrations as a political weapon in Australia

Cybersquatting doesn’t have to be about profit, as Australians are finding out. According to the Australian publication, Western Australia Today, political games are being played alongside an upcoming referendum on introducing indigenous representation to the Australian parliament: Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party is collecting web domains; some explicitly tied to its cause including, but […]

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Travelzoo buys meta domain despite active trademark violations

Travelzoo is an internet company that publishes deals from more than 5,000 travel, entertainment and local businesses such as restaurants and spas. Founded in 1998, Travelzoo provides its 30 million members “exclusive offers and one-of-a-kind experiences personally reviewed by our deal experts around the globe.” The company operates from the domain and applied for […]

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If you consider yourself a “business man” then stay away from other businesses’ trademarks. The hilarious response filed by the Respondent in the UDRP against emphasizes the ballsy attitude of cybersquatters. BitMEX is a crypto exchange platform and a registered trademark of HDR Global Trading Limited. They operate from the domain name While […]

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“Netflix Hub” launching on Walmart without the matching .com #domain

Netflix is launching a new online store called “Netflix Hub” and it will be sitting on Walmart’s platform. The Netflix-powered store will be selling licensed merchandise of shows made popular on Netflix, such as the Squid Game, so that consumers can get these products on time for the holidays. This will hopefully cut down on […]

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#WIPO press release claims all #UDRP filings are about #cybersquatting

A press release from the Swiss-based WIPO on the number of UDRP cases crossing the 50,000 mark, seems to assert that all of them were related to cybersquatting. This astounding claim seems to be biased towards IP holders and ignores the thousands of cases where a UDRP’s claims were denied – simply because no cybersquatting […]

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Jeanine Amapola : Social media influencer gets her #domain via the #UDRP process

Jeanine Amapola is “a prolific and internationally recognized American YouTube lifestyle and fitness star, social media influencer and actor.” Despite being in the biz for a full decade, she never registered her domain name, This is often a characteristic of social media celebs that rely on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms to reach […]

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#WIPO : Bank of America .MX #domain ended up for sale at DAN

If you register domains that infringe on corporate names and brands, you are a damn cybersquatter – no ifs and buts. In the case of the domain, the registrant put it up for sale on It’s surprising to see that there is no filtration in place for famous brands and marks such as […]

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