Brands: Intel processor’s new name is … “Intel Processor”

Technology giant, Intel, has given up the legendary brand “Pentium.” Almost 30 years after the introduction of the Pentium processor, Intel is dropping the name.

Would the new generation CPUs be called Hexium?

Not really. Intel decided to name its new CPU range “Intel Processor” emphasizing its corporate name for the 2022 and 2023 CPUs and removing both Pentium and Celeron from upcoming retail computers.

Intel now places emphasis on the “Intel Inside” mark; the graphic element is losing the swirl and adopting a rectangular design as seen below:

While Intel owns the domain they don’t own the domain name

As wild as it sounds, that domain has been cybersquatted since 2019 (current registration) and existed at least as far back as in 2005.

The domain is listed for sale on Afternic with a BIN of $1,495 dollars, or about five bucks less than the going cost of filing a UDRP. Of course, many times a corporation such as Intel would rather dispatch its corporate lawyers than pay even the minimum fee to a brand infringer.

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