Phishing domains attempting to hijack accounts

The price of Bitcoin has taken a leap in recent weeks, sending BTC to around $37,000 dollars. As BTC and other cryptocurrencies gained value, there has been an increase in phishing attempts targeting popular crypto wallet storage domains. One of them is, that manages wallets for millions of crypto owners for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP a reminder of Google’s risky domain names

The domain name was involved in a UDRP; dot .zip is one of two risky gTLDs assigned to Google’s Registry. Along with .mov domains pose the risk of being used in phishing campaigns, as they are associated with .zip and .mov files respectively. In the case of, the domain is already blacklisted by […]

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Silicon Valley Bank crash triggered onslaught of domain registrations

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB,) a commercial bank headquartered in Santa Clara, California, has caused plenty of market instability. SVB was the 16th-largest bank in the United States when it collapsed on March 10th, ending 40 years of banking activities. On March 13, 2023, the FDIC transferred all deposits—both insured and uninsured—and substantially […]

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Namecheap: Phishing emails are not the result of a breached system

Holders of Metamask accounts received phishing emails relayed via Namecheap, that were technically legitimate. These emails did not originate at Namecheap, however, as the hacking utilized API keys linked to Sendgrid, a third party mailing application. By using these API keys, hackers were able to fake these emails in a (technically) convincing way, bypassing filters […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP a headache for Complainant

A Nigerian scammer used the domain to impersonate the .com holder. Everyday Health, Inc.operates from offering support to migraine sufferers. They filed a UDRP to get the .org as the Respondent used the domain to impersonate them, offering fake jobs and attempting to scam the applicants. This created an obvious headache for the […]

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Phishing attempt targets domain investors using law firm as the bait

A phishing attempt targeting domain investors used the name of a law firm as the main bait. As reported by domain investor, George Kirikos, the phishing email consisted of a link to open an “encrypted file” using the Evernote platform. At the destination, the HTML file prompted users to run it in the web browser […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Phishing #domain lost via the UDRP process

Using a domain as a phishing platform to defraud consumers is grounds for a UDRP loss. In the case of, that first letter is a lower case “L” and not a capital “i.” This method of substituting a letter with another that visually resembles it, allows cybercriminals to defraud thousands of people annually. The […]

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Lost in #OpenSea: Fake NFT platform #domain cost victim thousands of dollars

A fake OpenSea domain was used in a phishing attack, costing thousands of dollars to at least one victim. Using the IDN domain, the scammers stole approximately $70,000 dollars in Ethereum from one account. Registered at NameCheap, the domain resolved to an active web site mimicking OpenSea. The IDN displays as openséa .com in […]

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Scammers attempted to phish using fake #Moderna domain name

Phishing the domains of popular companies such as Moderna is a crime that requires swift action. The Homeland Security Investigations department in Baltimore have seized the domain, a typo of the official domain name The domain was seized in accordance with a seizure warrant issued by the United States Court for the […]

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Warning : Phishing scam using a dot .PRO domain

There is an ongoing phishing scam via SMS, and they are using a dot .PRO domain name. While there are not many .PRO domains around, this one targets users via a text message related to their banking system, Bank of Montreal, BMO. We received this from a fellow domain investor in Canada; when visiting […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. lawsuit : $2 million dollar judgement against Chinese phishing domain names has won a lawsuit it filed against the Chinese operators of an elaborate phishing scheme. A Federal Court in Arizona delivered a $2 million dollar judgement against hackers who created a spoofed web site, that copied the well-known legal review web site. Randazza Legal Group, PLLC represented Avvo in this successful lawsuit. In Avvo, […]

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