Phishing attempt targets domain investors using law firm as the bait

A phishing attempt targeting domain investors used the name of a law firm as the main bait. As reported by domain investor, George Kirikos, the phishing email consisted of a link to open an “encrypted file” using the Evernote platform. At the destination, the HTML file prompted users to run it in the web browser […]

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Using a domain as a phishing platform to defraud consumers is grounds for a UDRP loss. In the case of, that first letter is a lower case “L” and not a capital “i.” This method of substituting a letter with another that visually resembles it, allows cybercriminals to defraud thousands of people annually. The […]

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Lost in #OpenSea: Fake NFT platform #domain cost victim thousands of dollars

A fake OpenSea domain was used in a phishing attack, costing thousands of dollars to at least one victim. Using the IDN domain, the scammers stole approximately $70,000 dollars in Ethereum from one account. Registered at NameCheap, the domain resolved to an active web site mimicking OpenSea. The IDN displays as openséa .com in […]

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Scammers attempted to phish using fake #Moderna domain name

Phishing the domains of popular companies such as Moderna is a crime that requires swift action. The Homeland Security Investigations department in Baltimore have seized the domain, a typo of the official domain name The domain was seized in accordance with a seizure warrant issued by the United States Court for the […]

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Warning : Phishing scam using a dot .PRO domain

There is an ongoing phishing scam via SMS, and they are using a dot .PRO domain name. While there are not many .PRO domains around, this one targets users via a text message related to their banking system, Bank of Montreal, BMO. We received this from a fellow domain investor in Canada; when visiting […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. lawsuit : $2 million dollar judgement against Chinese phishing domain names has won a lawsuit it filed against the Chinese operators of an elaborate phishing scheme. A Federal Court in Arizona delivered a $2 million dollar judgement against hackers who created a spoofed web site, that copied the well-known legal review web site. Randazza Legal Group, PLLC represented Avvo in this successful lawsuit. In Avvo, […]

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Krebs on Security : Russian servers hosted domains used to phish for iPhone info

Renowned security expert, Brian Krebs, shared information on a massive phishing scheme targeting iPhone users. With the help of at least 146 domain names, the Russia-based criminal ring attempted to steal credentials from users whose iPhones had been stolen. “Victims of iPhone theft can use the Find My iPhone feature to remotely locate, lock or […]

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Domain crime : Chase Bank was targeted with phishing domain

Last week we revealed how the account structure of Wells Fargo was used by cybercriminals who registered a similar domain. Now it’s the time of Chase Bank; cybercriminals registered the domain and are using it in phishing emails. Falsifying the email so as to appear to arrive from Chase Bank, the registrant of the […]

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GoDaddy SMS code numbers win multi-million dollar Lotto jackpot!

An incredible story of luck and fortune unfolded during the 4th of July weekend, as a domain investor won a state lottery jackpot. Gary Sbignew of Grand Rapids, Michigan, used the numbers provided in a two-way authentication SMS for GoDaddy for his selection of lotto numbers. “I played them in pairs, 28/14/12 and provided three […]

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Gmail and domains : Phishers using SMS to hijack your account!

In the past year and a half, a lot of domain names were stolen from their lawful owners by phishing emails. By sending emails posing as legitimate communication from a domain registrar, cybercriminals manage to obtain a domain owner’s user name and password. Without two way authentication enabled at the registrar level, one is at […]

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Alert: Chinese registered domain to phish AMEX customers

An email pretending to arrive from American Express is using a recently disclosed breach of customer data at Home Depot to phish for your personal banking information., the domain used in this phishing scam was registered with Chinese information, per DomainTools., the Chinese registrar where the phishing scam domain was registered on 9/17/2014 […]

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