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OpenSea is the biggest NFT marketplace, operating from the domain The rapid increase in NFT interest has turned an already busy platform into the quintessential destination for trading NFTs. OpenSea just announced the launch of its OpenSea app, not forgetting to pat themselves on the back: Oh, and OpenSea is now in the top […]

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OpenSea is one of the biggest NFT platforms with millions of dollars in daily transactions. The digital goods platform grew exponentially in 2021 and operates from the domain Sedo will be auctioning off the matching .com domain,, in a Great Domains auction from October 14th, and while some people say that the only […]

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Sedo, our premium sponsor, announced the availability of—a major NFT keyword—via a timed auction. was registered in 2002, presumably due to its generic nature. is the most popular NFT platform, with millions of dollars in daily transactions. In recent weeks, a fake OpenSea .com domain was apparently used in some type of […]

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Lost in #OpenSea: Fake NFT platform #domain cost victim thousands of dollars

A fake OpenSea domain was used in a phishing attack, costing thousands of dollars to at least one victim. Using the IDN domain, the scammers stole approximately $70,000 dollars in Ethereum from one account. Registered at NameCheap, the domain resolved to an active web site mimicking OpenSea. The IDN displays as openséa .com in […]

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Rolling out a new blockchain project such as the OpenSea marketplace for NFT can be rewarding. The company is the primary magnet for NFT projects and it has created a brand for itself in a short period of time. That being said, OpenSea operates from the lesser .io domain, making the destination prone to […]

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