Known #domain broker bidding on

OpenSea is the biggest NFT marketplace, operating from the domain

The rapid increase in NFT interest has turned an already busy platform into the quintessential destination for trading NFTs. OpenSea just announced the launch of its OpenSea app, not forgetting to pat themselves on the back:

Oh, and OpenSea is now in the top 500 most-trafficked websites in the world. Big thanks to the NFT tribe for sticking with us and giving us feedback as the industry grows at record speed.

Meanwhile, the domain is being auctioned on Sedo, as part of the currently active GreatDomains auction.

There’s not doubt that the #1 potential buyer of the domain is OpenSea, that’d upgrade its brand to the globally recognizable .com.

But is a known domain broker also bidding on

We can only speculate: By bidding on the domain, the particular broker who is known for their intelligent and aggressive strategic acquisitions, could be in a position to negotiate a piece of the pie. We are talking about thousands of dollars at stake, as has a reserve of 1/2 a million dollars.

In other words: Just because is being auctioned, does not mean that OpenSea is fully aware of the opportunity, or that they are actually bidding; the domain is up for grabs by anyone with money.

As this is the first time that the domain is offered for sale via auction, the current number of bidders (3) might eventually increase. While the top bid stands at $95,000 dollars, that’s not an indication of a pending sale as it’s below the accepted BIN range.

Sedo does not disclose the ids of active bidders, so we’ll have to wait and see: if the reserve is reached, we’ll have a sale. The auction for ends on October 21st.

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