Bored Apes worth $1 million stolen using a dot .land #domain name

Some unfortunate owners of the highly valuable Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs lost their assets yesterday. The cybercriminals took advantage of a security lapse at the BAYC Instagram page, substituting the official link with one they controlled. Using the domain, the criminals set up a page mimicking Yuga Labs, operators of the BAYC franchise. […]

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Domain crime: FBI raid takes down #cybercrime nest

An FBI raid has taken down a trio of domains pointing to a cybercrime nest, RaidForums. According to the report, the seizure of the RaidForums website, a popular marketplace for cybercriminals to buy and sell hacked data, brought unsealed criminal charges against RaidForums’ founder and chief administrator, Diogo Santos Coelho, aged 21, of Portugal. Coelho […]

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Phishing attempt targets domain investors using law firm as the bait

A phishing attempt targeting domain investors used the name of a law firm as the main bait. As reported by domain investor, George Kirikos, the phishing email consisted of a link to open an “encrypted file” using the Evernote platform. At the destination, the HTML file prompted users to run it in the web browser […]

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CISA shares list of #domains involved in Conti ransomware attacks

CISA, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, has been tracking the spreading and attacks of Conti ransomware. Along with the FBI, CISA have observed the increased use of Conti ransomware in more than 400 attacks on U.S. and international organizations. In typical Conti ransomware attacks, malicious cyber actors steal files, encrypt servers and workstations, and […]

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Instagram phishers using .ORG #domains to steal passwords

An Instagram message chain about supposed “copyright infringement” takes advantage of newly registered .ORG domains to steal account passwords. The messages originate from compromised Instagram accounts that in turn message their contact lists, spreading the odds of the phishing campaign in a viral manner. The .ORG domains were registered this week or in late January […]

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The classic method of stealing an “orphan” domain was apparently used in the case of What is an orphan domain: It’s a domain that is managed by an email address that is obsolete, particularly belonging to another domain that expired and dropped. Domain criminals hijack the targeted, premium domain, by gaining control of the […]

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Bulletproof hosting: Is the .com worth the $5k asking price?

Bulletproof hosting is the type of data hosting that allows the client to facilitate the content’s uptime and sustainability, evading specific laws that regulate content. Long story short, bulletproof hosting typically assists cybercriminals to distribute illegal content, malware, and engage in digital piracy. The term represents the type of lawlessness during the early years of […]

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Lost in #OpenSea: Fake NFT platform #domain cost victim thousands of dollars

A fake OpenSea domain was used in a phishing attack, costing thousands of dollars to at least one victim. Using the IDN domain, the scammers stole approximately $70,000 dollars in Ethereum from one account. Registered at NameCheap, the domain resolved to an active web site mimicking OpenSea. The IDN displays as openséa .com in […]

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#Slilpp domains were seized by the US Federal authorities

The US Federal authorities have seized several Slilpp domains that were used by a criminal group selling stolen credentials of thousands of platforms. The US Department of Justice announced that Slilpp marketplace listings offered more than 80 million user credentials, harvested from more than 1,400 service providers broken into by hackers. By seizing the Slilpp […]

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Matt Tolle : Attempt to steal my domains at NetSol last December

Matt Tolle is the owner of and a few other domains that were targeted by cybercriminals recently. Last December, there was an attempt to steal and others from his NetSol account. Mr. Tolle operates and the cybercriminal registered to trick the NetSol support personnel. looks like when the double […]

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The saga has ended for the owner of and as both domains have been returned and are now in their possession. Both domains were at NameSecure, a domain registrar operated by After a long quest for their return, the domains were moved away from GoDaddy where the Algerian thief had transferred them […]

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The domains and were stolen and transferred away to GoDaddy by a persistent domain thief. The theft was publicized in February and since then the owner has been working with the registrars involved in this unlawful transfer to reverse it. Since late March, both domains are back in the original accounts at NameSecure, […]

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